Posted May 15, 2008
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"DOE ARM Indirect, Direct, semi-direct aerosol scattering"

DOE ARM Indirect, Direct, semi-direct aerosol scatteringOfficial descriptions for an OFFICIAL sky "scattering" program "scattering" sky's world wide.

Most public researchers on this topic still use the old conspiracy theorist given name "chemtrails"

One of the most recognized web sites supposedly out to solve and expose this "chemtrail conspiracy" is While listening to an American internet talk radio show late last year, a caller spoke about another name for "chemtrail" activity; "DOE ARM Indirect, Direct, semi-direct aerosol scattering"

After checking the existence of such programs being admitting, we joined up at and popped into their research forum to share the official names update in November, 2007 only to find today (15 May 2008) after going back for visit that not one of those "chemtrail conspiracy theorists" bothered to reply. Ow well, pull out the keyboard and make a page here at AM about it we go...

If you do a google search on the words; "DOE ARM Indirect, Direct, semi-direct aerosol scattering" you'll come face to face with government and other body web sites that admit they are running "aerosol scattering" programs.

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Hailstones can be stopped from failing out of the sky?
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What are they spraying? Why are they spraying, plus another million questions and answers yet on this page - Even though they don't use the official names to describe this matter, the web site comes in handy for the research they have done collecting air samples, photos, and other physical clunkie goo samples that have fallen from the sky after heavy spray days, woops, "scatter" days, that contain aluminum oxides, poisonous "barium" etc.

As we here learn more, this page will be gradually expanded. We have plenty of Australian examples coming. Have you got your own Australian examples? Post them in the forum and we'll add them here. In the mean time, enjoy some of the collection of photos and video mostly from America we've got below.

REMEBER, when telling folks about this stuff don't call it "chemtrails" - That phrase has been corrupted by association with kooky ufo nuts and "genuine" researchers that ignore the governments own program names when updated. Use the official descriptions "Indirect, Direct, semi-direct scattering aerosol scattering", or just "aerosol scattering". When people say "what's that", you say "look it up on google", then they will see for themselves the admitted programs.

Politicians and those that otherwise should know about this topic are well
within their right to say that they know nothing about "chemtrails"
Why? Because there is no such official program by that name going on !!!

Wanna make progress? - Then pin them down on the admitted terms..
"DOE ARM Indirect, Direct, semi-direct aerosol scattering"

US news station confirms TOXIC barium in aerosol spray.
NBC news shows aerosol spraying over California.
Government admits aerosol spraying in England.

Aerosol scattering spraying Over Esperance, W.A?

Added in this clip is the official "weather balloon" scientific atmospheric report data for that day showing how the humidity was too low, ruling out regular condensation trails.

DOE ARM Indirect, Direct, semi-direct aerosol scattering
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'"Global dimming plan to curb warming" The Age' May 20, 2008
(The first of many main stream white wash reports yet to come that will rattle on about
aerosol spaying being "planned" as something yet to come, all the while it's old news.)

H.A.R.R.P AlaskaThe H.A.R.R.P Angels don't play!
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