Posted June 24, 2007
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Deliberate HIV infected medicines given to Australia? Medicine supplier 'Bayer' deliberately sold HIV tainted medicine onto the Global market!

Back in the 1980's it was found that "contaminated" medicines were given to patients that ended up killing "thousands"

The contaminated blood medicines "Factor Aid" had HIV in it. - Since the 1980's not much was done or said about it in the main stream media here, and a sort "cover up" was wanted in America.

Well, luckily enough that wasn't the end of the matter - Court proceedings have been underway ever since to find out why global shipments of blood from Bayer had HIV in it.

Bayer Australia Making Your Family Fell Better With HIV?

Turns out that Bayer, even after knowing that their medicine supplies contained HIV, they kept shipping them around the world - Makes you feel real safe when their OZ web site adorns a little girl hugging koala bear.

'Bayer' medicines are still on our Australian shopping market shelves! WHY? - A company sells and gets caught selling HIV tainted medicines, yet we still have their crap on our Australia shopping shelves. Amazing - Welcome to zombie Australia!

This same company paid students to drink

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MSNBC "Rat of the week" News Clip Pointing Out Bayer And Their Global HIV Crimes


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