Australia, a Reverse Racism Practitioner?

Australia's racist double standard deportation laws.

(AustraliaMatters) First up, I’m no fan of either person in the opinions to follow; I believe both foreign born men should be deported.

So, I live in a fricked up country that deports white right wing Christians, (Pastor Logan Robertson) that with a prior Mosque appointment (later twisted into “trespass”) dared ask an Islamic leader about their 54yo paedophile guru. Thought crime 101, huh?

Yet the same country won’t jail or deport Sudanese foreign born violent criminal Akon Mawien, because .. are you ready for this .. drum roll .. because, he’s good at playing cricket.

Truth is, the courts and police will throw a white person out without blinking an eye lid, but if you’re black? Come on, Aussie.

If that’s not reverse racism, then what is?

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