Cloudseeding commies buying up drought plagued Australian farming land

(AustraliaMatters) It’s no secret China cloudseeds to make it artificially rain in … China. Why would they want dusty dry drought land in Queensland?

While our farmers commit suicide, suffer and have to sell off for less, do the commies know something we don’t know?

Is the so called Australian government complicate in something bigger going on?

Why are the commies spending hundreds of millions on foreign dusty drought bowls?

Aussie Talk Host’s “Weak Knees” on China

Democracy is a dirty word in communist China

(AustraliaMatters) 2GB Sydney based talk radio host Alan Jones, talks to Geoffrey Wade, from the Australian National University about handing Australian energy networks to foreigners.

During the interview Jones points out profits from our electricity use in Australia, are heading to a Canadian superannuation fund company. Doesn’t that make you feel good about privatization of Australian owned assets?

The interview highlight is nearer the end when “I’ve just gone weak at the knees” Jones finally concedes to Geoffrey Wade, that “like an octopus” China has a dark agenda, within regards to it’s purchasing of our Australian land, farms, homes, resources, utilities and (joint Aus-US military used) Darwin port.

You have your faults Mr Jones, but bravo for saying publicly what many of us “xenophobic”, “protectionists” have known for a long time.


Imported frozen berries polluted by this toxic river in China

A river at Jinling in China’s Shandong province, where berries are washed, runs purple with pollution.

(Daily Telegraph) FROZEN berries recalled from Australian supermarkets freezers were grown and packed in one of China’s most polluted provinces.

Only five per cent of fruit and vegetables imported into Australia are subject to any testing — but even those few tests do not check for the bacteria that leads to hepatitis A.

Nine people in NSW, Victoria and Queensland have been diagnosed with hepatitis A after eating Nanna’s and Creative Gourmet mixed berries. read more

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Russia bans agricultural products from EU, USA, Australia, Norway, Canada

(RT) Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on the full ban for imports of beef, pork, poultry meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit from Australia, Canada, the EU, the US and Norway.

The ban will last a year, starting August 7. Read more

AM Comment: This is a response to sanctions we put on Russia. Five dollars says those like Alan Jones  will try to spin this around. Where’s Australia’s sanctions on Ukraine for killing their own citizens? What a fricking joke! Old Aussie farmer isn’t laughing though. Good work Alan Jones and the Abbott clan.

Can QIMR Berghofer save Aussie’s from BBQ Terrorism?

(AustraliaMatters) Above is the promotional video for the private “non-profit” NGO group that have been handed the job to make sure we Australians can “BBQ outdoors”. They receive our tax payers money in the form of “grants”. They also take donations. Below is the (still unapproved) 01/06/14 comment we left on their YouTube video page.

Hi. I’m a tax payer that funds you. I was just reading that QIMR Berghofer have been given the job of breeding dangerous asian tiger mosquitos in Brisbane, Australia behind “closed doors”.

I find it strange that the government can fund $300K for Indonesian monkeys, yet they won’t fund a team in PNG to research tiger mosquitoes in their natural environment.

Your white coat comrades recently released GMO mosquito in the NT. I’m with Daniel Strickman’s thoughts about that.  Bill Gates funds similar programs in Africa wanting to forcefully inject without consent, “vaccines” into Africans using GMO mosquitoes. His white coat daddy is into eugenics.

Remember how your white coat comrades Bayer DELIBERATELY released HIV tainted blood onto the global market? Now you get paid to create HIV blockers – how convenient.

And who could ever forget Sir Macfarlane Burnet’s work creating “biological weapons that would work in tropical Asia”. How loving. Hitler would be jealous.

All our taxes going to your “grants” for cancer research, yet you won’t even look at the hundreds of peoples and video testimonies here on YouTube healing themselves with cheap natural ‘black salve cream’. That clearly tells me those like QIMR Berghofer don’t care about the majority.

Whether you know it or not, believe it or not, there is a minority wishing to reduce the global majority down to “500 million” (see Georgia Guide Stones) In the forward of Prince Philips’s book “If I Were An Animal” he wrote that he wants to be reincarnated as a “deadly virus”. You might want to get a head-start and ask for grant funding to seek a royal-virus cure. I’ll donate $100 towards that cause.

I’m betting government backed “intervention” mining companies won’t mind traditional land owners staying indoors. Or better yet, moving away from ‘Homelands’ for fear of the new tiny tiger terrorists.

I also see a fellow called Clive Berghofer is into land purchases and sales. Make sure you do a good job with that (any strings attached?) $50M he donated to you, QIMR Berghofer!

Please keep those little QIMR Berghofer breed terrorists behind closed secure doors, as I like my doors wide open whilst I BBQ.

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Foreign Ownership of Australia

Australia open for take over
Australia’s 2014 Free (Slave) Trade Hero

(AustraliaMatters) We’re not the hottest Alan Jones supporters; the fellow that happily believes the small Japanese live stock industry should lose out to our Australian live stock industry — while out the other side of his mouth, angrily argues against foreign imports pushing Australian citrus growers to the wall.

In-between Jones’s usual Rhodes Abbott love fest, his recent foreign ownership segment with CPI Strategic Rick Brown is well worth a listen.

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