My first Aussie doctor visit in 30 years felt like I was joining the French Resistance

Gee wizzer – 30 years later…and my first mission…err whoops – my first doctors appointment…

Mission Status: Completed! Dang-nabit, my how things have changed since I last went to the doctors.

Hour drive, sign in, fist bump G’day…then our mobile phones go into a Cone, errr, ‘Bag-of-Silence’ protective case. ‘Get Smart’ Agent 86 stuff!

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‘Woke’ Australians sharing concerns about Australia’s future on ‘Reddit forum’

Do Australians care that their country is turning into an authoritarian police / surveillance state?

by kindesflaye

Warrantless strip searches, silencing whistleblowers / journalists, de facto bans on protesting or assembling (this might not be the best example, see another one I posted below in the second edit), working toward prohibition of boycotts, widespread rollout of CCTV and facial recognition, removing people’s access to encrypted data, the outright sale of publicly-owned land or assets to China, etc.

These are all things that’ve happened in the last couple years — we won’t even get into the prior years / decades of slippery-slope erosion of people’s rights or the increasing prevalence of cameras, fines, regulations, searches, etc. From what I see on the news / hear on the radio, there’s very little criticism of these sorts of policies. The mainstream view of what it means to be ‘Australian’ seems to push (without openly saying it) for a blind acceptance of any and all police or regulatory infringements into people’s personal lives.

I’m surprised we don’t see more journalism seeking to establish correlation between all these increases in gov’t infringement and the growing coziness between politicians / regulators and the corporate lobbies and foreign interests they deal with… primarily China, Big Coal, and the mining industry.

I’ve only lived in Australia for a few years, but even in that small span of time, I’ve noticed so much of a progression toward authoritarianism that it’s a little alarming. Why is it that this isn’t really discussed by your average Aussie? Do people not care? do they support authoritarianism?

AustraliaMatters comment – Good to see 1,200+ ‘woke’ comments on’s Australia forum thread today. CLICK HERE to read more and join the discussion.


Preaching with the preachers wastes time: Teach the People!

(Australia Matters) Since 2000, I was hooked on MSM “news” Analyzing sites such as, (same mob) and their comment forums to see what others like me were thinking.

2017 onward I rarely visit such sites anymore. Preaching with the preachers gets boring after a while.

A once thriving PrisonPlanet forum of 100’s online 24/7, is now lucky to get 6 people turn up per 24 hours.

My alternative center-right-conservative news outlets just don’t do much for me anymore. Preaching to the preachers gets boring after a while.

Youtube’s crack down on “conspiracy theorists” etc the last 6+ months has shaken the online alt scene as well. Most of those banned went to But having all the ‘kooks’ in the one place gets boring, as it’s preachers preaching at preachers. It’s more fun stirring pots where the ‘un-woke’ general pubic gather.

Now days I spend most of my time trawling MSM’s sites that allow comments. Such sites, without prior moderation, are far and few between. Two sites I frequent are and (Russia Today) is surprisingly center-right, anti-NATO, but more so focused on Syria, US and European goings on. It’s good to get balance views when our fake-media seem over the top. has a dedicated Australian area. Trashy tabloid for real news? Accurate news is irreverent for teachers. It’s about exposure to regular members of the ‘un-woke’ public … and the DM is a great place for that.

Thier ‘AU’ page I frequent usually has reality TV trash, rehashed Instagram nonsense etc … but even so, it’s still mostly un-moderated with a center-right atmosphere. Readers hate Labor but will still stick it up the Liberals (misnomer) when they screw up too.

The reason for this post today is due too a message from another DM woke-reader that goes by ‘bunny boy’ (pun on that ‘egg boy’ BS) on the DM comment boards.

…took some time editing buzz words like “treason, UN, Lima Peru”to get around the automated word filter, but the seed is there on a popular site that otherwise keeps sheeple in the dark.”

BB referring to a DM story today about another (how many do we need?) ‘trade agreement’ Australia just signed. BB’s comments…

1975 u-nations meeting Peru, first world nations agreed to de industrialize and build up t h i r d world China, India with our Australian manufacturing jobs. Australia didn’t sign, but we attended and have been following the t r e a s o n script. R.Murdoch went off his head over it. Holden, Bonds etc leaving, not proof enough? Our service jobs that can’t be exported are being filled by ‘them’ swamping us. We’re being ‘chased down’ by design.


Unlike News Limited (limited news) pages that get wiped after 12 months, the DM usually leaves their pages up for several years for folks to come across. (Russia Today) is much the same, and center right leaning, but doesn’t have that targeted ‘AU’ Australian audience area.

Preaching to the people makes more sense. The more seeds planted in ‘main stream gardens’, the better the fruit come harvest day.

AM posts at the DM with a parody account, ‘PM Wong’ … which takes the piss out of a certain Labor Fabian member buffoon … that’ll be wheeled out as “The First Chinese Gay Married Female PM” savior when the time is right, err, left … in the near future.

She [NZ PM] and I are both are both members of the International Fabian Society. Every Australian PM since Whitlam has been too. Long story short, we hate national sovereignty and seek a new world communist order that would make our Bolshevik founder Karl Mark very proud. Out model country is China and it’s wonderful dictor for life Xi Jinping. To make Australia commie too, Vote 1, Penny Ding Dong Wong at the next selection. DM LINK

-Rod Freeman (aka PM Wong)

Waiting for Lefty Albo to do ‘Jazz Hands’ too.


We all tolerate each other, don’t we?

I don’t like islam denying all that Aisha child bride stuff … but I tolerate muslims in Australia that believe having six year old child brides … ‘at that time’ … was OK.

I don’t like the ‘masters of usury’ in Australia running our Treasury, but I tolerate it.

I don’t like greenies and such gluing themselves to roads holding up traffic for many hours, but I tolerate it.

This week, a hilarious video from a lefty USA convention surfaced showing how even “applause” and “chatter” is offensive within their own ranks.

How long before the little Karl Marxists adopt the same BS in Australia?

What a clown world.

Cloudseeding commies buying up drought plagued Australian farming land

(AustraliaMatters) It’s no secret China cloudseeds to make it artificially rain in … China. Why would they want dusty dry drought land in Queensland?

While our farmers commit suicide, suffer and have to sell off for less, do the commies know something we don’t know?

Is the so called Australian government complicate in something bigger going on?

Why are the commies spending hundreds of millions on foreign dusty drought bowls?

Spot the Country! Sydney or Shanghai?

Isn’t it odd in 2019, how only White Tribes around the world have to “diversify”?

Fifty years from now China will still be Chinese, Africa will still be African, India will still be Indian, Japan will still be Japanese, Koera will still be Korean, Mexico will still be Mexican, Israel will still be Israeli…

I’ve been ashamed to post anything pro ‘my tribe matters’ on this site … I was worried visitor numbers would drop, I’d attract NS and Bolshevik scum, and /or be labelled the ‘R’ word.

Visitors are low and the ‘R’ word is rubbish – there are no biological “races” in humans!

I don’t care any more! I’m half Irish, half Pommie … and that evil word … white!

‘Calculated’ hidden in plain view ‘policy’ announcements. Govt. aren’t talking about new seating and footpaths.

If you’re pro-Jewish … like ALL of our schools, courts, cops, parliaments and media, etc. then you’d have to be pro their stories about EVERYONE coming from just EIGHT OF THE SAME KIND … on one Ark … only 4,000 years ago!! Gee, fast ‘race’ evolution, huh?

Oddly, 4,000 years ago, Indians from India, walked down to this part of the world. Gee, now that’s some really fast ‘outer the Ark’ evolution.

Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi- “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid is the race of the future” read more

My ‘tall-ship descendants shame’ tide turned when China brazenly sailed it’s warships into Sydney Harbour two months ago. That was a big fat ‘our tribe can come and go as we please’ … middle finger to my Tribe.

Definition of genocide

Article 2 of the Convention defines genocide as … any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

“diversity” is code for ‘white-genocide’!

related: BBC – 2019 Miss India is a white English born Woman (sarcasm)

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