Australia to foot bill for US bombs dropped in ISIS fight

ISIS use US made vehicles and weapons
US freebies – ISIS in American made military vehicles and weapons

( AUSTRALIA will be billed by the US military for many of the missiles and other bombs RAAF jet fighters drop in the campaign against Islamic State terrorists.

US-supplied smart-guided weapons fitted to Australia’s Super Hornets can range in price from less than $70,000 to more than $650,000 each.


User-pays is not new, and longstanding Defence Logistics Support Agreements between Australia, the US and the UK have seen Australia pay its coalition partners well in excess of $150 million since the conflicts began in Afghanistan and Iraq after the 9/11 ­attacks on the US in 2001. read more

AM comment: Translating the above bullshit – Your mate in America rings up and asks you to come over and help fix his ‘blow back’ roof that blew off in a 2001 twister. Being a good mate you happily agree. When you get there he makes you first agree to pay for all the new trusses and tiles you place on his home. The beer, steaks, accommodation and airfare tickets are also charged on your account. You look at him with a great big smile on your stupid fat face, and willingly agree. Why should you care? The Chinese credit card in your top pocket gets billed to your twenty three million next door neighbors back home in Australia.

The Real “Big 4″ Now Own Our Big Health Too


(Real News Australia) December 2014 saw the sell off of one of the Australian Governments biggest revenue streams. Medibank Private, the government owned health fund was sold off by Abbott to his mates in the huge finance world. Many of whom finance the LNP.

No longer does Australia own its own health fund. Medibank Private used to earn the government billions of dollars. Sold off for a quick buck to prop up a budget that in itself appears to never be balanced.

In a previous article called Collusion for Illusion it was pointed out that the owners of our “Australian owned” Big Four banks are actually massive foreign owned banks. J P Morgan Chase, HSBC, Citicorp & National Nominees are the majority shareholders of our big banks. read more

FOI: Can a registered business in Australia directly charge tax?

I Can't Speak

(Right to Know)  From: Jim Gray.

Dear Australian Taxation Office,

I wish to see documented evidence that a registered business such as the Queensland State Government (ABN: 75818456675) can charge taxation.

By “charge tax” I am not talking about passing on someone else tax, but actually tax a person themselves.

I understand that a business can only charge for products or services via a tax invoice. If that business can charge tax, does that mean any business in Australia [can] charge tax?

Yours faithfully,

Jim Gray

Click here to read the ATO’s chicken shit non-response, response

AM comment: I would have kept the question simple — Dear ATO, is it lawful for CORPORATIONS to create and impose thier own direct tax on customers? When they reply with “no”, a follow up reply would go something like; “Thank you – I’ll dismiss all direct tax requests from ABN: 75818456675 as frivolous and unlawful.

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Supermarket Giants Aid Australian Sell-Off


(AustraliaMatters) Something dawned on us today after hearing Alan Jones grill PM Abbott about the latest 2014 Free Trade  Agreement (FTA) with China. The FTA allows Australian dairy farmers “tariff free” (aka tax free) access into China. Jones pointed out that many Australian dairy farms are being bought up by China.

Abbott’s as proud as punch promoting his great FTA works, when all that’s been done is the tax gate left wide open for Australian milk owned by Chinese communists to leave Australia TAX FREE and be used in China.

What a fricking scam!

The FTA isn’t just about dairy but we’ll stick with this example for now.

Why are so many of our dairy farmers selling up the farm? Obviously they can’t survive in the Australian market place as they are being paid stuff all by the large supermarkets.

  • Greedy supermarkets place our farmers over a barrel
  • Farmers quit and sell the farm
  • So called Australian government sits back and allows foreign ownership of Australia.
  • Communists with a relaxed one child policy in China need more milk to feed more babies.
  • Babies grow up to be either $2 hour workers competing against our last manufacturing industries that haven’t left the country yet — or they become military personnel in an ever growing army.

Milk is just the start! You see where this is going? You see the scam? You see the deception? You see the treason from within? You see the agenda against you, Aussie?

Jones to Abbott: “Can Tony Abbott go buy a farm in China? No!!!!”

2014 related: Low paid Chinese workers to run Australian dairy farms

2007 flashback: China FTA would cost 170,000 jobs: AMWU

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Russia bans agricultural products from EU, USA, Australia, Norway, Canada

(RT) Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on the full ban for imports of beef, pork, poultry meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit from Australia, Canada, the EU, the US and Norway.

The ban will last a year, starting August 7. Read more

AM Comment: This is a response to sanctions we put on Russia. Five dollars says those like Alan Jones  will try to spin this around. Where’s Australia’s sanctions on Ukraine for killing their own citizens? What a fricking joke! Old Aussie farmer isn’t laughing though. Good work Alan Jones and the Abbott clan.