An Abbott in our Hay Stack

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” -Benjamin Franklin

No ID required.

(Australia Matters) While Tony and his mates take more of our liberties, real terrorists head down to the local electronics shop or eBay and buy cheap $80 disposable WiFi computer tablets.

Quick trip to McDonald’s and or other free open wifi spots and they get their communications through anonymously. Meanwhile the rest of us at home, work, school are having all our ISP metadata collected and tied to our real ID’s and address’. Either free anonymous WiFi access has to be banned, or Tony and his 1984 crew need to stop crawling the majority for needles that aren’t in the same hay stacks.

Adiós Meta Nanny

vpn(AustraliaMatters) The so called government collecting “metadata” on all Australian citizens, guilty or not, is in the news again today. Metadata is customer history left behind on our ISP’s logs. Essentially the government wants our NGO ISP’s to act as govermnet spies. There are legal ways to blind our ISP’s so that the only information the ISP’s can see is jargon no one can read without expensive super computers and 20+ years to crack the encryption.

I was reading about VPN’s’ (virtual private network) tonight on the popular PC magazine site.

VPN’s act as a go between (aka tunnel) allowing us to encrypt and tunnel all our traffic from our computers, through our ISP’s and to the intended party where it is unencrypted. Essentially the same happens when we do online banking, except while connected to the bank, we cant use them as a cloak to surf the internet through their connection.

Our ISP’s (and the KGB looking over their shoulders) can see we’re connected to a VPN, bank etc, but the ISP’s can’t see what we’re doing. Metadata is still collected, but it’s all encrypted jargon.

I recommend folks read more at the ‘PC Magazine’ site where they describe this lawful process better and even review some free VPN hosts. Click here

Disclosure: makes no money from this lawful service  information and takes no responsibility from it’s use.

Anonymity is the work of the devil! All Hail Socialist Saviors

First they came for the anonymous internet hecklers ID’s and I didn’t speak up. Then they came for public hecklers ID’s, but I didn’t speak up. By the time they came for me there was no one left to speak up.

(AustraliaMatters) G’day. Have you heard about the manipulation trick called “Problem Reaction Solution”, AKA “hegelian dialectic”? It’s a way of achieving a goal you otherwise wouldn’t achieve through honest methods.

Problem Example – Let’s suppose you’re a fabian international socialist government and you have an agenda to see all citizens under your power use their real ID’s while on the internet. How would you go about attaining your global Stalinist police state goal?

Reaction – Look for a weak spot in the social media sphere. A social messaging service like Twitter (based in America) fits the bill, as it’s quick and easy to sign up. (Unlike FaceBook, you don’t have to worship that CIA front with personnel details before you are allowed to be spied upon)

So you’re a socialist government – 1. Get hold of an imported ‘actress’ that the majority of your target nation doesn’t know or care about. 2. Create a Twitter account. 3. Grab a seedy slutty whorish image of rubber sex dolls and add it to the accounts page background. 4. Sit back and wait for “tweet” messages from “trolls” 5. When crude tweets start flooding in that only the actress can see, have her “retweet” the messages onto her public display page. The majority of the non-internet using public are unaware of an action called “delete” — play on that ignorance with your media units. Make it sound like tweets from twits are craved into stone for eternity. Have your actress hospitalised for few hours with twit stress. Make sure your media units report the “news” nation wide to internet and non-internet users alike. Make sure the media units don’t report the sex dolls.

If all goes well you’ll have copy cats come along helping get the ball rolling while seeking their own media boost. Everyone loves to heckle ‘sports stars’ for letting the team down. Remember the public heckling Shane Warne received over the phone girls?  Like the actress, it is very important that private heckle “troll” messages are made public by “retweeting” them onto the public viewable page otherwise no one will see or care about them. If you can’t find someone to heckle you, create a second account and heckle yourself. Be careful while faking it.

Solution – If all goes well you (socialist government) will be able to stand beside those (that retweeted, not deleted) grand standing as the savior offering un-Constitutional solutions to an internet message service based in a  foreign country. Eventually you’ll have all public protestors registered before attending public rallies against you. Ow, hang on, no need to starlet the sheep, TrapWire will sort those hecklers out.

Anonymity is the work of the devil! For the actions of a few, all must suffer – The ends justifies the means!

Back to reality: Am I suggesting there’s an agenda to have Australian’s tracked, controlled and traced by fabain socialists while on the internet? Ow hell yes! Ask Ms Nicola Roxon.

Am I suggesting that two, well one (1) celebrity, and (1) one little known actress are in the media lately helping sell Stalinist internet ID’s on us all? No of course not. But will someone please teach folks to stop re-tweeting hateful messages from twits, and learn how to use the delete button.

Once an accident, twice a coincidence, three times, hegelian dialectic.

12/09/12 Update: The sports star has PM egg on his Twitter face.


Authorities gain power to collect Australians’ internet records

Roxon: One World Police State

(SMH) Laws passed today will allow authorities to collect and keep Australians’ internet records, including their web-browsing history, social media activity and emails. Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said the laws would help police track cyber-criminals around the globe…[…]

But Greens communications spokesman Scott Ludlam said the laws went further […]

”The European treaty doesn’t require ongoing collection and retention of communications, but the Australian bill does,” Senator Ludlam said. ”It also leaves the door open for Australia to assist in prosecutions which could lead to the death penalty overseas.” Read more

Editors note: The Nazi’s slowly set their police state up as well. Banning guns, then moving onto “papers please”. One has to wonder what Nicola Roxon, err, Nicola Ropschitz’s Jewish grandparents would think about their granddaughter helping build a global Marxist data base on Australians. This ties in with the use of citizens CCTV and facial recognition software called, Trapwire. Mobile phones should be called CLD’s (civilian locating device) as they are traceable with GPS, 3G etc. This isn’t just about the internet. It’s about you being treated as guilty 24/7 under consent surveillance. I wonder if Ropschitz will utilize those IBM machines like the Nazis did. This is the same Attorney-General that last week wanted all your computer passwords. There’s a reason they use women for these roles. Incremental ploy in a female velvet glove for that long warned about international military industrial complex, set up by banksters stooges like, Ropschitz.

VIDEO: Free Speech Police Target Aussie Broadcaster

(2WAFM) Australian health authorities have launched an attack on radio host Leon Pittard after a guest on his Fair Dinkum Radio Show revealed the extent to which authorities are restricting free speech when it comes to discussing natural medicines. The story began when Mr Pittard posted an article and a podcast entitled “Australian government’s attack on health freedom,” which featured an interview between the radio host and Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network. Learn more

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Un-elected Attorney General Wants Your Computer Passwords

(AustraliaMatters) I though this young lady was nuts when I first heard this. She’s not. Read the main stream source report from here where even a taxation trained ass clown in the Treasury department is supporting privacy thievery. If ASIO gets too busy spying on we Australians, the plan seems to be give the work to foreign agencies. Yeah sure, like Israel? Remember the Israeli owned 9/11 AMDOCS scandal?

What’s next? The un-elected Attorney General wanting a copy of my car and household keys? How about a neural interface straight into my brain reading my thoughts? Remember when Australian school children carried guns to school on public buses? Yeah, I think like that!

Hyper-multiculturalism is the cause of this post 2001 police state! Open the immigration flood gates to incompatible religious groups, then the so called government steps in grand standing as the inevitable spawns.  Here’s how it’s done in Europe.

For those that still believe democracy works, a petition has been set-up here

Do you think 1933 Nazis cared about written petitions against them? Were those pens mightier than the sword? The 2012 Nazis don’t care either.

Here’s an unencrypted thought right — I want my guns back.

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China ‘has Australia space tracking station’

(AFP) HONG KONG — China has acquired a space tracking station in Australia, its first such facility in a close US ally, a news report said on Saturday.

The station in remote Dongara, about 350 kilometres (217 miles) north of Perth in western Australia, was used during Tuesday’s launch of the Shenzhou VIII mission, Hong Kong daily the South Morning China Post reported.

The United States and the European Space Agency have long had tracking facilities in Australia, including the joint US-Australian Pine Gap satellite station established decades ago near the central outback town of Alice Springs.

Reaction to the Chinese station, its first in a key US ally’s territory, will be closely watched to see whether Washington will raise objections. Read more

Editors note: So much for our Constitution and National Sovereignty. Communists on Australian soil as well. Breath in deep — that’s the stench of treason again.

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