rothschilds.jpg(AustraliaMatters) Which same unelected unaccountable group are found behind the privatisation of Australian owned assets — Qantas, the Commonwealth Bank, Victorian electricity, Telstra, Sydney airport, NSW electricity, Queensland rail, forestry, roads and ports? The masters of usury and debt, the House of Rothschild! LEARN MORE

International Bankers Finance Both Sides in War

(AmericansJourney)  “They were terribly cynical people who felt that the war would end as all wars do and they would go back to business as usual.”

It is ironic that the video [above] – “Banking with Hitler” – begins with a mechanism for the payment of reparations by Germany to the victors of the “War To End All Wars” – the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Somehow this international banking mechanism became the enabler for the next worldwide bloodbath – World War 2. I suspect the same is occuring today.

Information gleaned from the diaries and records of Henry Morganthau, president Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s secretary of the treasury, is elucidated in the video below. Described is the story of how both national and international banks created a system that financed the NAZIs. more