A sad day for Australia

(Barnaby Joyce)  Today(08/11/11) Julia Gillard passed laws through the Senate so that there will be a carbon tax under a government she leads. It is a very sad day for most Australians. We are about to “move forward” with legislation that will put up the price of power and put pressure on real jobs in the real economy. It is a very sad day when a new broad-based consumption tax is delivered to every house whether they can afford it or not. This tax is an attack on every household via every powerpoint in the house. It does nothing to change the temperature of the globe but opens every household up to the Australian Taxation Office. At the Australian Taxation Office they will get that money, they will churn it, they will burn it, they will blow it up, but they will not change the temperature of the globe. Read more

Editors note: No dobut today the cork’s are popping at the Rothschild manor.

Alan Jones MUST SEE speech on Coal Seam Gas (CSG)

(AustraliaMatters) I’ve never been much of a Alan Jones fan over the years, but seeing him recently stand up against the Juliar Rothschild carbon tax rot (that will do zero for the planet considering China isn’t cutting back emissions and volcanoes still erupt) caught my ear.

He’s back again–this time he’s giving me goose bumps. I’ve read and watched much information regarding globalism, cancer causes and government corruption, but I’ve never heard anything as powerful as this from a well known Australian directed at the so called government.

In this must watch presentation at the National Press Club, Alan Jones speaks up about the use of possible cancer causing chemicals such as benzine being placed into the ground to extract coal seam gas. (CSG)

Of the 22+ chemicals used, only two are disclosed to the pubic. If the practise was safe then all chemicals would be disclosed. If I’m caught flushing anything strange down the drain, local council would be on my case wanting to know what it was and if I’m a terrorist. Yet multinational mining corporations are allowed to flush 20+ unknown chemicals down into the ground near our homes and national drinking water sources.

Jones goes on to point out the so called government and international mining companies have been committing “legalised robbery”. Yeap, yet if we owe the “not a legal entity” ATO 5 cents, look out tax payers, you’ll share a jail cell with fat bubba.

Did you know farmers that bought their land before 1910 ALSO own all the mineral rights under their properties?? Jones spills the beans on that!!

He goes on to say the Chinese in Australia supposedly use a term “paddock to plate”. Good Australian pastoral land being bought up by China “the paddock” is used to grow food for their “plates” back in China. 43 NSW farms bought recently for this purpose.

Jones tells of how former PM Kevin Fabian Rudd recently gave a CHOGM speech about Australia’s current and future food security, all the while leaving out how his own home electorate of Queensland has mutiny on the Bounty Premier Anna Bligh handing out mining exploration permits like candy in prime food producing areas called the “golden triangle”.

I’ll be putting the above Jones presentation onto home playable DVD’s to send out to people that aren’t able to see this online for what ever reason. $2 donation to cover AU postage and the disc is all I’ll ask for. If you’re interested please send an email with your mailing address to admin at australiamatters.com for more details.

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Rudd Gillard Rothschild Kiss of Australian Death

Rudd and Gillard -- One and the same.

(AustraliaMatters) Seriously, have you seen anything more disgusting in your life time? Rothschilds are no where to be seen as carbon puppets Gillard and Rudd swap spit on our Parliamentary floor. Get a room for Christ’s sake. All the opposition could do is sit and laugh. Yeah it was real #$%#@[email protected] funny having that carbon bill pass the lower house today–real funny indeed. You know who the joke is on? Grab a mirror.

Juliar Rothschild’s Carbon Tax Poison Pill

Professor Henry Ergas

(AustraliaMatters) Let’s assume Tony Abort gets in next selection and moves to rid the country of that bloody Gillard Rothschild carbon tax rubbish–Bird cage liner Gillard has installed something akin to a poison pill should a future government think of undoing what she achieved for her “advisors”. Alan Jones interviewed a bloke with more credentials than Moses about a sneaky ploy of the Juliar Rothschild government. OzUnited.info saved this short clip of Alan Jones and Professor of Economics Henry Ergas speaking about the Gillard “poison pill”.

Gillards_poison_pill_carbon_tax.mp3 (1mb 8 minutes)

[“Lord”] Rothschild gives Gillard, Abbott an F

Unelected head master David de Rothschild's gives pupil Juliar Gillard an F
Unelected new world odor head master, "lord" David de Rothschild gives pupil Juliar (sic) Gillard an F

(SMH) Adventurer and conservationist David de Rothschild has branded Australia’s two major political parties “almost” climate change deniers. The 31-year-old heir to the Rothschild banking fortune says Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott are as bad as each other when it comes to tackling climate change. “It’s frustrating for me to see two politicians jab at each other, trying to win votes by coming out with statements that are basically short-term, populist policies that aren’t going to set the platform for a sustainable future,” he told AAP. Read more from our Lord Rothschild.

In 2007 this lump of dog manure was a carbon tax  “denier” on the Alex Jones show. What is it with Jewish people like Rothschild and their use of the word “denier” every five seconds to whack gentiles over the head? Jones point blank accused Rothschilds of wanting to set up a global carbon tax. “lord” Rothschild denied it. Hear for yourself here.

Wake Me When The Australian Revolution Starts

Wake Me When The Australian Revolution Starts

(AustraliaMatters.com) Good thing about AM is we don’t need to update the site every two nano seconds with fresh content or rely on people buying crap from google ad banners. What am I saying? I’ve been lazy and to be quite frank, bored silly watching world goings from under the doona cover the last few cold months. Here’s a run down in one long post in no particular order of what I’ve taken note of. Here we go — Three cheers for the Convoy Of No Confidence, Oi, Oi, Oi.  1000 BlueScope workers (not the CEO’s) to loose their jobs to slave workers in China while we supposedly have “six million migrants” living in 22 million Australia. Telling crooked cops to piss off is now supposedly a thought crime–protesters swearing disagree, so do we. Darwin weather has been making Al-Gore look like the jerk he is. Brisbane cops supposedly find remains of young QLD lad Daniel Morcombe while Victorian Office of Police Integrity (OPI) still couldn’t care less about an elite global paedophile ring. Some weirdo out of a bad Frankenstein movie called McGorry (fitting name) was told to stop drugging our children. Speaking of Frankenstein, the Jewish Monsanto family founded company and their GMO frankin food is coming under attack here and here from fearless Aussie farmers that know that the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob didn’t screw up. That group AM no longer supports called “GetUp!”  is bashing supermarkets over bogus “man made” global warming rubbish–darn GetUp! commies. Ow goodie the so called government is giving something back to us and “moving on privacy laws” to protect,well, this is on the heels of the Murdoch phone hacking matter so maybe a ploy to protect Limited News, whoops, News Limited from more expose’? Too bad Sydney school girls won’t receive the same protection. While Wayne Swan is putting us into debt to commie China for $200+ billion those bloody money changers are still making record profits on those 20 cent bits of plastic not backed by gold since 1933. That company with an ABN called the “TREASURY” (rhymes with usury) have now told us how much they are going to steal from we Australian voters for breathing out cO2. Juliar (sic) Gillard, my ex-boy friend (she really does like men?) stole some union money, tells off a foreign leader in Libya–while US backs evil 9/11 Al-Qaeda in that same oil rich country. Victorian home prices are supposedly under risk while jobs in Sydney are “under pressure”. Ow the doom and gloom of it all, yawn, you get that in NSW China town. Yiddish Brin and Page founded ‘Google’ with their motto “Don’t be evil’ (Isaiah 45:7 states otherwise) but in 2011 “aims to own your online ID”. Use STARTPAGE.COM and TOR like we do. While commie China is now making secret detention centrers to kill (warning) and spying on it’s slaves in the shopping malls they seem to think just because they are building an “air craft carrier” from iron ore Clive Palmer sold them we should care when they question our Australian human rights record? Humbug. Maybe they heard we protect visiting diplomatic criminals?  I could go on, but should I? The doona is in the dryer and it’s the September 11, 2001 tenth anniversary so why not. Regarding the BlueScope matter, Juliar (sic on purpose) flip flopped for the media and pretended to be a protectionist (commie propaganda word to demean those that put Australian First). We know what she really thinks. Our favourite Rothschilds money changers have bought up 30% of the earth using their carbon tax scam Gillard is pushing for them. At least 10% so far. You though our site was out there? People are believing crazy stuff again–supposedly on September 26th we are all going to fry, then die. At least one foreign President knows what comrade Gillard is really all about. And it goes on and on. Oddly enough, what interests me most now days is the price of a good pitch fork, torch, and the cost of a permit to block the streets of Canberra to let the hired help know I’ve had a G-d dammed enough of this ground hog day rubbish program. Talk is cheap, typing text on a screen is getting boring. Remember the old Democrats saying “Keep the bastards honest”? What a load of bull crap that was. Anyone know where to buy a good Australian made pitch fork? It’s time all the bastards get the hell out.

Rod Freeman
Proud, but tired Australia First thought criminal

CSIRO Chief Executive: Former Rothschild

megan clark csiro nm rothschilds

(AustraliaMatters) CSIRO’s Chief Executive Dr. Megan Clark is the former Director of NM Rothschild and Sons (Australia) 2001-2003. Rothschilds coexist with the ‘Club of Rome’ whom penned the global warming scam plan back in 1991 Today the CSIRO is the Gillard governments scientific  strong arm pushing the man made global warming mantra in Australia. Coincidentally in 2011 Rothschilds Australia want to be our carbon tax banksters. How do you spell ‘coincidence’ and ‘conflict of interest’?

Those that think Tony Abbort will save us from puppet Gillard are in for a rude shock. His wife is former Rothschilds. Abbort is a Rhodes scholar. Fabian society member Cecil J Rhodes was a man made with Rothschilds funding. Then there’s Malcolm Turnbull, former Goldman Sachs banker as well. The banksters and their bird cage liners have us surrounded.

Hat tip @manque15 for the CSIRO heads up.

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