Cloudseeding commies buying up drought plagued Australian farming land

(AustraliaMatters) It’s no secret China cloudseeds to make it artificially rain in … China. Why would they want dusty dry drought land in Queensland?

While our farmers commit suicide, suffer and have to sell off for less, do the commies know something we don’t know?

Is the so called Australian government complicate in something bigger going on?

Why are the commies spending hundreds of millions on foreign dusty drought bowls?

GREENS use Aboriginal Sovereignty to fight off foreigners while leader Brown wants One World Government

(AustraliaMatters) Queensland’s Courier Mail 26/04/19 news headline (click to enlarge)

Police going under cover? Nothing new there while illegally breaking into our homes while we sleep.

Focus of this post; Aboriginals and their Sovereignty issues being USED against them by GREEN turds … that hate Australian National Sovereignty.

AM corrected headline. (click to enlarge)

Best way to control your enemies, is to lead them.

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UK Chawner family: Professional welfare socialists

It’s frightening knowing there are people in this world that believe they are doing good, while the rest of the world sees and hears different.

If you say otherwise, their tone deaf asses will storm your stage and protest against you, cursing and spitting, throwing stones, punching with coward covered faces and hiding behind ‘hate laws’ and so forth, until we either appease, give up … or both.

Welcome to the Twilight light zone … where National Sovereignty traitors mask themselves behind Sovereign Aboriginals and Australian land control issues.

What about the foreign Adani issue?

They didn’t just walk in; they were let in by the so called Federal and State governments whom have been in lock steps with the 1975 UN Lima Declaration.

Same so called governments are giving away another $582.6 million of our Aussie tax dollars between 2018-19 … to Indonesia (East Timor butchers) to build themselves up with war ships and more Mosques. Former PM Gillard gave them $500 million as well.

My point? Our governments claim they can’t afford to run such Nationalist operations.

How about Indonesia fend for themselves, and our $1+ BILLION be spent on extracting our own National resources for local and export use?

Jobs for Australians and our money stays in Australia? Imagine that. Aren’t we smart enough in Australia to dig stuff out of the ground?

Nah, supposedly we need foreigners from third turd world poop holes to run the show … digging resources out of Australian Traditional Owners lands.

Turd world what? Surfs up Adani!

The so called Australian government needs to send Adani home to build public toilets, and Bob Brown needs to move to China with the other reds.

“Lucky Country”, my ass!

Endangered Species: Aussie TV Hero’s

australia_made(AustraliaMatters) Ever sense there’s been a war being waged on Australian Patriotism?

Who do we have in 2015 putting Australia on the global media map? A Queensland “hero” in a foreign land killing “insurgents” (aka freedom fighters) while protecting heroin poppie fields? Nah, that hero’s not for us.

Get too Aussie locally, and the ‘political correctness sqaud’ come out pushing us down into lips sealed prostrating positions before slashing us across the neck with their vitriol “bigot” hate labels.

Screw that — I’m a “bigot” that loved siting around on a Saturday night watching a clown and his stuffed ostrich make fools of themselves in front of a live Aussie, often participating, audience.

But that’s all gone now – replaced with American crap.

I’m a “bigot” that loved watching old grumble bum tell his Italian son-in-law to put his beer money on the fridge.

But that’s all gone now – replaced with American crap.

I’m a “bigot” that misses the way Australia was before the “100 year war” started splashing over our tellies. Bugged if I’m going to sit around watching planned wars on the telly or American CSI like fictional crap.

But that’s now the ‘programming’ norm. Feel patriotic for America.

Screw that — Whether it be 05 Brocky, or safari gear Irwin, Australia just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Our big name TV hero’s have either passed on, contracts expired, or cancelled.

TV networks can’t screen for new Aussie talent in 2015? Of course they can, but don’t. We’re not pinning for effeminate men dressed in cooking aprons or silly Summer Bay fiction “programing” showing us how to live.  Paul Hogan re-runs are OK, but don’t have the same live impact after 30 years. Where’s our fresh talent?

My HDD TV serves as a computer monitor now days only used to watch internet videos on.

We stumbled across an Aussie on YouTube a year ago that inspires the Aussie Patriot spirit. An Aussie guy that should be on the Australian telly inspiring other Australians.

Below is a real Aussie character that sadly the Americans have discovered, whilst the media in his own country have ignored for some reason.

Meet our favorite 2015 Australian made talent, all the way from the suburbs of Woolongong, NSW, Mr Andrew Ucle.

Cancer row over GM foods as study says it did THIS to rats… and can cause organ damage and early death in humans

(DailyMail) Rats fed a lifelong diet of one of the bestselling strains of genetically modified corn suffered tumours and multiple organ damage, according to a controversial French study published today.

Scientists said the results raised serious questions about the safety of GM foods and the assurances offered by biotech companies and governments.

The first lifetime trials involving rats fed on GM corn found a raised incidence of breast tumours, liver and kidney damage. Read more

Editors note: The above Daily Mail story doesn’t scratch the surface of this topic. I watched a brilliant, but scary new video last night called ‘Genetic Roulette’ that shows the whole story from the mouths of experts. Monsanto doesn’t allow GMO food in their own company staff lunch rooms. Monsanto are stated as wanting control of all seeds world wide. Who the hell do these ass holes think they are? The video is currently still free to watch here

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New CSIRO GMO Wheat Concerns

Move over God — CSIRO and Monsanto say you screwed up.

(AustraliaMatters) The CSIRO has been in the news the last week over it’s GMO wheat goofing around. Those against GMO wheat have been warning of health effects on humans. While the pro-GMO camp are saying no peer review papers exist to make such claims. I’ll leave you make your own minds up about that. Not all was lost — The pro-GMO Australian farming website I linked above has an interesting user poll results page giving a bit of a man on the land insight about other issues like carbon tax, “worlds ability to feed itself “, etc.

Up to 20,000 Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Released in Australian Towns

Flying birth control?

(Activist Post) Do you remember how some scientists, researchers, and individuals like Bill Gates were trying to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the environment? Well, that endeavor isn’t quite over. Two towns in Northern Australia have recently been gifted with 10-20 thousand genetically engineered mosquitoes – almost completely replacing mosquitoes naturally occurring in the outdoors. Read more