Israeli Court Rules Israeli Citizenship Based on Jewish Descent not Religion or Birthplace

(IMEMC) In Haifa District Court on Tuesday the judge ruled that whether a person is an Israeli citizen is determined by whether that person is of Jewish descent, i.e. born to a Jewish mother following halachic law, and not by their place of birth or whether they are by religion Jewish or not. Haaretz reports that the Haifa District Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal submitted by Professor Uzzi Ornan who has sought to compel Israel’s Interior Ministry to recognize his citizenship based on the fact that he was born in Israel rather than on the grounds that he is Jewish. Prof Ornan claims no religious faith but was born in what is now Israel. Read more

Editors note: Anything you can covert to is not a “race”. Judah was just a man. He had eleven brothers and one sister. They had one father and four mothers. Two mothers were wives, and two were slaves. Judah’s “race”, just like his father Jacob (AKA Israel) was Hebrew. Their descendants are also Hebrew by “race”. Meanwhile we have an Australian called Brendon O’Connell sitting in a Perth jail for 3 years for thought crimes against two descendants of a Hebrew guy called Judah. Yeah, I really respect Judah, the Hebrew guy that threw his own brother Joseph down a hole and left for dead. Great “race” we have intertwined in our Australian politic.

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Dear so called Government,

Want real "news"? Australian Section 44 (.i) traitors to be flung deep into space.

(AustraliaMatters) Dear so called Government, I’ve been reading that you are seeking to enforce your will on private websites with more than 15,000 hits (visits) per year. Supposedly sites that get more than 15,000 hits per year are to be regarded as “news sites” and under your control. My small blog site here that’s hosted in the US gets 15,000 hits in 2 months. Many hits are google spiders and spambots trying to sell me viagra. This is a letter to let you know that my site contains no “news’. We the people, the true Australian government, as outlined in the Preamble of the 1901 Australian Constitution (that has no mention of political parties or a paid position called “Prime Minister”) have known since at least the 1960’s of your silence. Silence is corruption. Myron C Fagan spilled the beans in 1967 about the great conspiracy to bring about a “one world government”, or as traitor Bob Brown now confirms today, “one world parliament”, run by unaccountable Rothschilds – Rockefeller bankster front groups like the, BIS, IMF and World Bank. There’s no news there. That treason has been in motion for a very long time and is very clear today. It’s not news here today that the extreme left running Israel wants to start WW3 and you’ll happily take us all into it. That’s not news. That was planned back in August 15, 1871. Even earlier if you believe in the Bible. There’s no news here that secular Ashkenazi (not from Shem-Semites) capitalist wall street bankers funded the creation of secular Ashkenazi Bolshevism (AKA communism) in Russia that later spread world wide. There’s no news that communists (AKA socialists) are members of the international Fabian socialist society while also employed as Australian Politicians. There’s no news here that those like Fabian Bob Hawk are members of the international Club of Rome. There’s no news here that Tony ‘monk’ Abbort is a international Rhodes scholar. There’s no news Cecil J Rhodes was a Rothschild’s “global governance” made man. There’s no news here that Freemasnon’s and their higher up rituals based on Kabbalah (according to luciferian Albert Pike) are in positions of power in Australian law, police and parliament ruling over this majority Christian Nation. There’s no news here that you are going along with the G-dless U.N that was created by banksters and their near copy of the 10 planks of communism–humanist–collectvist rubbish. There’s no news that you are holding back those like Dr John Holt and his effective cancer treatments that saves lives the main system sent home to die. There’s no news here that the GST was forced onto us by the IMF. There’s no news here that the carbon tax is a Rothschild baby. There’s no news here that CSIRO Megan Clark is ex-Rothschilds. There’s no news here that Margie Abbort is ex-Rothschilds. I could go on and on with non-news. This site contains no news at all, only blogger options based on history, AKA old news. What would be construed as “news” around here—is  all of you “new world order” luciferian traitors that piss on Section 44 (.i) of the Australian Constitution and Standing Order 50 daily, being inserted into plexiglass and flung out into deep space with the likes of Lex Luthor, Mao, Lenin, Stalin. That won’t happen! Why? Because like the 1984 inner party, you control the “news”.

-Rod Freeman

Muslim’s Wanna Take Over Buckingham Palace?

(AustraliaMatters) If someone has questions about the “holocaust”, they are “silenced” and sent to jail, but if someone threatens QEII, they are left to run their mouths off? Ain’t multireligionism grand? I wonder how long it’ll be before they start wanting to take over our Australian Parliament House? Supposedly there was plenty of extra empty office space created to allow for the coming “one world government” headquarters. It was designed by an American freemason called Walter Burley Griffin. Maybe it could be turned into an Islamic Mosque instead? I don’t know which idea I dislike most. The current occupiers are bad enough.

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‘Death Star’ Australia?

(AustraliaMatters) March 2011 our so called loving Australian hired help were seeding the idea of more (hello, Pine Gap echelon that supposedly didn’t hear and stop the bad guys before 9/11) foreign US troops in Australia.

Those seeds are sprouting in November 2011.

Why do we need America and their weapons of mass destruction toys (ask Iraqis born deformed from D.U post 2003) on Australian soil marking us a hot target for the commies we sadly buy our socks, jocks and other crap from?

According to our AM visitor VerbeWarp, Australia is being set up (AKA used like a cheap whore) as a “death star” launch pad against China should they stop playing nice ball. Makes sense, to an extent.

Trouble is, China was a rice patty not so long ago and Rothschilds CFR (ask Myron C Fagan) puppets like Kissinger and Billy “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton were the front clowns handing (setting up?) China their first super computer technologise to design submarines that could pop up in the middle of US navel exercisers without being spotted. Chinese bankstes are trained at Oxford in England etc.

Some U.S. deep sea ports were given to China as well.

Yeap, China is in control of some U.S. deep sea ports and Australia’s chitty chitty bang bang Collins class submarines aren’t worth squat. That’s been known for yonks, yet the tax collectors kept throwing our $$ at that joke.

Today China holds trillions in US treasury bills (not worth the fractional reserve paper they are printed on) and have a $200+ billion lean on our Australian way of life thanks to dog dropping Wayne Swan.

To me it all seems like a bad joke, a silly dream on we the Australian people — but why?

The hired help in top level positions in Australia, America, and China, etc. are Freemasons. What are these GAOTU JAHBULON buggers up to? Global population reduction through warfare etc? Their 10 commandments suggest so.

Put the Rubiks cube down — this is one of those puzzles  where everyone is welcome to join in and share input about on the AM forum

Justice Finkelstein and a fist full of dollars. This is the clown running the Australian Media inquiry.

Raymond Finkelstein heard his own case before the court and is now appointed to head up an inquiry into the Australian Media focusing on codes of conduct for both print and online.

(Shane Dowling) Raymond Finkelstein QC, better known as The Fink will go down in history as one of the greatest fools to ever be appointed a judge, an absolute legend. This is a man who tried to hear his own case which was before the court. It does not get much worse than that.

Justice Finkelstein was eventually forced to stop hearing the case because not only did he have a financial interest in the case but he was in fact one of the parties to the class action against a company called Centro Properties via his own private super fund.

The Fink retired as a Federal Court of Australia judge on June 30, 2011 and has recently been appointed to head up an inquiry into the Australian Media focusing on codes of conduct for both print and online. Read more

Wake Me When The Australian Revolution Starts

Wake Me When The Australian Revolution Starts

( Good thing about AM is we don’t need to update the site every two nano seconds with fresh content or rely on people buying crap from google ad banners. What am I saying? I’ve been lazy and to be quite frank, bored silly watching world goings from under the doona cover the last few cold months. Here’s a run down in one long post in no particular order of what I’ve taken note of. Here we go — Three cheers for the Convoy Of No Confidence, Oi, Oi, Oi.  1000 BlueScope workers (not the CEO’s) to loose their jobs to slave workers in China while we supposedly have “six million migrants” living in 22 million Australia. Telling crooked cops to piss off is now supposedly a thought crime–protesters swearing disagree, so do we. Darwin weather has been making Al-Gore look like the jerk he is. Brisbane cops supposedly find remains of young QLD lad Daniel Morcombe while Victorian Office of Police Integrity (OPI) still couldn’t care less about an elite global paedophile ring. Some weirdo out of a bad Frankenstein movie called McGorry (fitting name) was told to stop drugging our children. Speaking of Frankenstein, the Jewish Monsanto family founded company and their GMO frankin food is coming under attack here and here from fearless Aussie farmers that know that the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob didn’t screw up. That group AM no longer supports called “GetUp!”  is bashing supermarkets over bogus “man made” global warming rubbish–darn GetUp! commies. Ow goodie the so called government is giving something back to us and “moving on privacy laws” to protect,well, this is on the heels of the Murdoch phone hacking matter so maybe a ploy to protect Limited News, whoops, News Limited from more expose’? Too bad Sydney school girls won’t receive the same protection. While Wayne Swan is putting us into debt to commie China for $200+ billion those bloody money changers are still making record profits on those 20 cent bits of plastic not backed by gold since 1933. That company with an ABN called the “TREASURY” (rhymes with usury) have now told us how much they are going to steal from we Australian voters for breathing out cO2. Juliar (sic) Gillard, my ex-boy friend (she really does like men?) stole some union money, tells off a foreign leader in Libya–while US backs evil 9/11 Al-Qaeda in that same oil rich country. Victorian home prices are supposedly under risk while jobs in Sydney are “under pressure”. Ow the doom and gloom of it all, yawn, you get that in NSW China town. Yiddish Brin and Page founded ‘Google’ with their motto “Don’t be evil’ (Isaiah 45:7 states otherwise) but in 2011 “aims to own your online ID”. Use STARTPAGE.COM and TOR like we do. While commie China is now making secret detention centrers to kill (warning) and spying on it’s slaves in the shopping malls they seem to think just because they are building an “air craft carrier” from iron ore Clive Palmer sold them we should care when they question our Australian human rights record? Humbug. Maybe they heard we protect visiting diplomatic criminals?  I could go on, but should I? The doona is in the dryer and it’s the September 11, 2001 tenth anniversary so why not. Regarding the BlueScope matter, Juliar (sic on purpose) flip flopped for the media and pretended to be a protectionist (commie propaganda word to demean those that put Australian First). We know what she really thinks. Our favourite Rothschilds money changers have bought up 30% of the earth using their carbon tax scam Gillard is pushing for them. At least 10% so far. You though our site was out there? People are believing crazy stuff again–supposedly on September 26th we are all going to fry, then die. At least one foreign President knows what comrade Gillard is really all about. And it goes on and on. Oddly enough, what interests me most now days is the price of a good pitch fork, torch, and the cost of a permit to block the streets of Canberra to let the hired help know I’ve had a G-d dammed enough of this ground hog day rubbish program. Talk is cheap, typing text on a screen is getting boring. Remember the old Democrats saying “Keep the bastards honest”? What a load of bull crap that was. Anyone know where to buy a good Australian made pitch fork? It’s time all the bastards get the hell out.

Rod Freeman
Proud, but tired Australia First thought criminal