Cloudseeding commies buying up drought plagued Australian farming land

(AustraliaMatters) It’s no secret China cloudseeds to make it artificially rain in … China. Why would they want dusty dry drought land in Queensland?

While our farmers commit suicide, suffer and have to sell off for less, do the commies know something we don’t know?

Is the so called Australian government complicate in something bigger going on?

Why are the commies spending hundreds of millions on foreign dusty drought bowls?

Bill Gates: We Need a Global Government

(AustraliaMatters) The messenger in this video is a bit smug at times, but the message is important. For many decades anyone that has warned of “conspiracy plans” for a “one world government” have been looked at as tin foil hat crazy. Now unelected Bill Gates is pushing the same “one world government” garbage. Is unelected Bill Gates crazy? Sure, but does that change the fact that influential unelected “elite” (pass the spew bucket) are bypassing we the people and playing their pied piper tunes into the ears of our elected so called leaders? No!

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(Larry Pickering) After having been embarrassingly ice-locked in the Antarctic, 52 confused warmists are now wending their way back home while frantically scribbling amended theses on why they didn’t find palm trees, tropical fauna and a maitai bar at the foot of Mount Erebus. read more