Christchurch mosque says ‘electrician disabled’ emergency exit day before the attack

Witness Khaled Alnobani: “broken ribs” when others push against this flimsy ‘electronically’ locked door.

(AustraliaMatters) Friday 15/03/19 Christchurch massacre, the emergency exit door (usually open on Fridays) at the first location, with the most deaths, was locked, trapping 17+ people.

The light weight door, mostly glass, for some reason had an electric switch to open it.

Video: First guy at the door says he didn’t know about the “button”, which means he tried using the manual “latch”, but without success. Video 28 seconds … ‘click click click’ “This is a new one” … new button demo, and the door still doesn’t open. Sound of the switch, but no metal ‘click clunk’ sound of an electric solenoid disengaging a metal on metal door lock / latch.

Shagaf Khan, the president of the Muslim Association of Canterbury which oversees the mosque, said the door was closed and latched … He said it wasn’t locked… source

Khan wants us to belive a door can be in two states at the same time … “wasn’t locked” and “latched”. (latched means locked)

Shagaf Khan (Youtube)

Where was ‘lock expert’ Shagaf Khan during the shooting? Was it Khan that had an electrician do what ever to the door, the day before?

Going by the main stream narrative (links below), the day before, someone (Sunni or Shiite?) at that Mosque had an electrician come in and attend to that door’s locking mechanism.

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Who puts  electrical locks on emergency exit doors? What if there was a power out or fire? NZ had a bad earth quake in 2016.

So the day before, an electrician is called in to fix a problem, but leaves without fixing the problem … leaving that emergency exit door locked.

THE DAY BEFORE THE ATTACK, an “electrician” was called in to work on that escape door’s lock … but why?

  • The day of the attack, NZ police were running drills a few minutes down the road.
  • The Police station is 2km from the first Mosque
  • The day of 7/7 London attack, former Scotland yard Peter Power and his ‘advisory’ company, was running drills on the same day, at the same time, and at the very same places.
  • Witness’s told “training exercise” going on before the Boston bombings.
  • While the 15/03/19 NZ attack was going on, Israel was dropping 100 aerial bombs on Gaza … yet not a word about that in the local media.
no batteries required – common push bar  escape door

Any wonder “conspiracy theories” flourish.

  • Who was the electrician that “disabled” the NZ emergency door lock?
  • Why did that emergency door, usually open every Friday, need an electronic opening system?
  • What was the fault that the electrician didn’t, or couldn’t fix?
  • Who was the electrician?
  • Who called the electrician, a Sunni or a Shiite?
  • Of the 50 killed, how many were Shiites?
  • Sunnis and Shiites fight each in the Middle East – yet we’re to believe New Zealand is some sort of neutral country where both sides can live in peace?…/survivors…/

Goldman’s PM Sock Puppet Turnbull finally admits Victoria’s African Gang Problem

(AustraliaMatters) 10 years+ later, the Australian PM admits Victoria has a problem with Sudanese (Africa) gangs. full MSM BS

Thing is Mal, just as long as they can bowl a cricket ball, the courts will go easy on their violent crimes.

They (the so called government’s security experts) must think we’re all complete tossers – you can’t tell me that they (immigration department etc.) didn’t physiologically profile that group before bringing them here and mixing them in with main stream Australians.

Nah, just bring ’em in, and chuck ’em into our laps. The “tolerate” Australian people will learn how to cope with third world thuggery. They’ll learn how to remain silent in the press, even when a large clash happened right outside the Herald Sun office a few years back.. They’ll down play it all, down at the station out of fear of being slammed the “R” word .. even though we’re not the ones smashing and slamming.

Third world status, that’s the long term objective after all – kicked off in 1975 when Australia (labour in power) voted at the Lima Peru UN meeting, to deindustrialise first world nations (we lose our jobs at Bonds, Holden, Ford etc.) and build up (then) third world shit holes such as, China and India.

The so called leaders that throw the hyenas in with the sloths, love the chaos – makes them feel needed  – gives them pretext to protect us all more … with more of their loving CCTV, biometric and body x-ray scanners everywhere … and other big brother wants such as … that national ID card (ideally they want an implantable chip or tattoo) Bob Hawke tried to pull over our eyes. (Now Pauline Hanson wants it)

Crime is big business for those that own stock in the privately owned and run jails. Empty jail cells, means no profits from the tax payers pockets. It’s masterful how they have it all intertwined together.


Happy Double Standards Day: January 26th, 2016

winnie(AustraliaMatters) About 228 years ago, a Winnebago (luxury motor home) was stolen. It was a real nice large and roomy motor home.

The thieves loved it so much, that they lived and bred their offspring in it.

Police eventually found it and informed the owners descendants. The owners naturally asked when would they get their forefathers stolen Winnebago back.

Police said; “Sorry, but the thieves had children in it and we can’t deprive those children of their heritage. It’s been 228 years since the theft, so you’ll just have to share it. Besides, the thieves changed all the control levers, so only they know how to drive and take it where they like. But it’s not all bad news – you get to ride in the “traditional owners” back seat down near the leaking exhaust. There’s no view as the back window has been covered with a chipboard memorial plague – the black nikko pen message in your honor reads; “We say sorry”. Usually we’d do what we’re paid to do and uphold the law, but the ‘sorry people’ have big scary guns, foreign number plates, a rainbow serpent cloud fairy book, and are above the theft laws you yourselves must abide by”.

Funny how the majority in the western world supports the reestablishment of 1948 Israel (land owned by the Canaanites before all of them) after being gone for 1,500+ years — yet the same folks get all hostile regarding a Winnebago stolen only 228 years ago.

Now in 2016 we have foreigners with big fat cheque books eyeing off the Winnebago for their own selfish future needs. Just when did it become lawful to sell off stolen property?

Happy double standards day, 2016.

2015 vs 1984: Council Drones In Your Backyard


(AustraliaMatters) A non-third tier of government, also known as “local council”, is playing Big Brother again and setting a precedent for law enforcement to follow.

The Gold Coast Murdoch rag called the GCB reported that swimming pool safety fence contractors (business’s with ABN’s, and not sworn police officers) are taking to our skies with their drones to invade our backyard privacy without search warrants — the excuse — looking for pool fence violations.

Un-fenced canal fronts, legal.

QLD Council Logic: Un-fenced pools deeper than 30cm illegal – Un-fenced dams, oceans, rivers or canals deeper than 30cm, legal.

The days of the council themselves using common courtesy, knocking on doors, and asking permission, seem gone.

When the police want to search your backyard, they need a court issued search warrant — but an un-sworn contractor (maybe a pedophile or thief in his off hours) can supposedly fly their HD video camera drones filming around our backyards with the full blessing of a council run by an un-elected CEO?

That’s the way the story reads – the drone operators have been given the full blessing from a council, with an ABN, and CEO that’s paid more than the President of the United States of America.

Councils aren’t even a third tier of government in the Australian Constitution – never passed two S128 Referendums on the matter – what a fricking joke — being trespassed and shat upon by NGO corporations.

related: Council to open locked gates, walk into private backyards while no-one is home and “check for dogs”

Indonesian Hypocrites

(AustraliaMatters) Formerly accused and incarcerated drug smuggler, Rob McJannett, shows documented evidence (ANZ bank statements) to substantiate corruption within Indonesian government, Police, Judicial & Lawyers. This video reveals a small amount of this documentation also involving Australian government collusion with Indonesia.

While this was going on, the Bali 9 were facing deaths sentences for heroin they were caught trying to export from Indonesia.

Unless your a Muslim
Indonesian’s warning to drug pushers

Just before the Bali 9 faced the firing squad, we learn two Islamic Iranians were spared the death sentence while importing drugs into Islamic Indonesia.

So if you’re the right relgion, and or have enough money to pay for what’s on the “menu”, that big red warning sign posted all over Twitter needs not apply. Talk about hypocrites. #boycottindonesia