Ask Muslims questions, get deported. Beat police, get to stay.

(AustraliaMatters) The above Kenyan born ass hole, Yak Dut, 22, beat two Australian female police officers, and threatened to find and kill them after he gets out of jail.

He also bragged he’d not have to do jail time … because of his skin color. WTF?

Above Kiwi born, Logan Robertston, living in Brisbane as a Christian Pastor, turned up for a pre-arranged appointment to speak with an Imam (leader) at an Islamic mosque.

No one was hurt, no one threatened, no one used any ‘racist’ BS card. In preparation for an upcoming documentary he was making, he just wanted to know first hand, what Australian Muslims thought about their Prophet marrying a 6 year old child called Aisha.

One of the above was deported quicker than the paint drying on Peter Dutton’s toe nails. The other, just released from prison, is left to stay in Australia and live off the welfare system…

Guess which one got to stay in Australia? Read more


When Muslims Do Not Assimilate – Bill Warner


Annihilation is the ultimate assimilation. Now we see this pattern not only in Medina, but in Turkey that used to be Christian. North Africa used to be Christian. Egypt used to be Christian. Iraq used to be Christian, and Syria used to be Christian. What ever happened to all these Christian territories? They became Islamic! Again, this annihilation not assimilation. But it doesn’t just happened to the Christians. Afghanistan used to be Buddhist. Pakistan used to be Hindu … and Malaysia used to be Hindu. But now in the ultimate form of annihilation, they are not assimilated.


Christchurch mosque says ‘electrician disabled’ emergency exit day before the attack

Witness Khaled Alnobani: “broken ribs” when others push against this flimsy ‘electronically’ locked door.

(AustraliaMatters) Friday 15/03/19 Christchurch massacre, the emergency exit door (usually open on Fridays) at the first location, with the most deaths, was locked, trapping 17+ people.

The light weight door, mostly glass, for some reason had an electric switch to open it.

Video: First guy at the door says he didn’t know about the “button”, which means he tried using the manual “latch”, but without success. Video 28 seconds … ‘click click click’ “This is a new one” … new button demo, and the door still doesn’t open. Sound of the switch, but no metal ‘click clunk’ sound of an electric solenoid disengaging a metal on metal door lock / latch.

Shagaf Khan, the president of the Muslim Association of Canterbury which oversees the mosque, said the door was closed and latched … He said it wasn’t locked… source

Khan wants us to belive a door can be in two states at the same time … “wasn’t locked” and “latched”. (latched means locked)

Shagaf Khan (Youtube)

Where was ‘lock expert’ Shagaf Khan during the shooting? Was it Khan that had an electrician do what ever to the door, the day before?

Going by the main stream narrative (links below), the day before, someone (Sunni or Shiite?) at that Mosque had an electrician come in and attend to that door’s locking mechanism.

click to enlarge in new window

Who puts  electrical locks on emergency exit doors? What if there was a power out or fire? NZ had a bad earth quake in 2016.

So the day before, an electrician is called in to fix a problem, but leaves without fixing the problem … leaving that emergency exit door locked.

THE DAY BEFORE THE ATTACK, an “electrician” was called in to work on that escape door’s lock … but why?

  • The day of the attack, NZ police were running drills a few minutes down the road.
  • The Police station is 2km from the first Mosque
  • The day of 7/7 London attack, former Scotland yard Peter Power and his ‘advisory’ company, was running drills on the same day, at the same time, and at the very same places.
  • Witness’s told “training exercise” going on before the Boston bombings.
  • While the 15/03/19 NZ attack was going on, Israel was dropping 100 aerial bombs on Gaza … yet not a word about that in the local media.
no batteries required – common push bar  escape door

Any wonder “conspiracy theories” flourish.

  • Who was the electrician that “disabled” the NZ emergency door lock?
  • Why did that emergency door, usually open every Friday, need an electronic opening system?
  • What was the fault that the electrician didn’t, or couldn’t fix?
  • Who was the electrician?
  • Who called the electrician, a Sunni or a Shiite?
  • Of the 50 killed, how many were Shiites?
  • Sunnis and Shiites fight each in the Middle East – yet we’re to believe New Zealand is some sort of neutral country where both sides can live in peace?…/survivors…/

“THE son of god” banned from Australia

(AustraliaMatters) Not so many years ago, washed up Pommie sports presenter David Icke, claimed numerous times in the fake news main stream, he is … “THE son of G-d”.

Words are important –  he claimed to be “THE”,  not ‘a’ son.

Today the recovering blasphemer claims the Queen of England is a lizard, the moon is hollow and we’re all illusions in a non-reality.

Errr, we stopped listening to his rubbish 10 years ago.

Yesterday AM was sent an email asking to sign a petition to let Icke into Australia. Why would he be banned? He’s been here 10+ times in the past, yet now he’s supposedly banned because of what he talks about.

All the lizard stuff aside, we took interest because it’s a freedom of speech issue.

We don’t have to agree with what he says – as long as he’s peaceful and not advocating violence, then why block him from lost dummies that want to give him money to talk about lizards and hear him backslide about being Jesus?

Needless to say, we signed the petition to let the nut ball in.

There’s worse overt and covert witchcraft rubbish on Australian TV – radio than the rubbish Icke speaks about … yet that’s allowed to pollute (when it’s one side pro-witchcraft BS day after day, and no Christian counter balance, then it’s pollution) Australian children’s minds.

-Rod Freeman


Former Aussie Cop charges Supreme Court Judge with FRAUD!

(AustraliaMatters) Former Western Australian police officer of 17 years and Constitutional researcher Wayne Glew, schools “fraud” judge in “not a lawful court”, because they are “employees of a company” … not an “officer of the Crown” per the Australian Constitution 1901.

At the end of the 2012 video, the company judge flees the court room when the public gallery calls for his arrest.

2014 the company courts went through the motions … trying to appear as if they want to jail Glew for “contempt of court”, but for some reason, the company courts still haven’t jailed Glew.

2018, Wayne Glew is still a free man happily posting away on Facebook 🙂

ACTS are ACTS, ACTS are not LAW!

Councils are not third tiers of constitutional government.
“secretive entity”?

(AustraliaMatters) I can’t afford the fee to see the whole Courier Mail story, but if the headline is anything to go by, I don’t need to see any more.

Firstly, ACTS are ACTS … ACTS are not LAW!!

“Local Government” ACTS were created in the 1970’s onward to supposedly make Councils appear lawful, constitutional.

ACTS are not LAW

LAW says in Section 123 and 128 of the Australian Constitution 1901 (with only two (2) tiers of government, Federal and State) that a third tier (aka level) of government needs to pass a peoples referendum. (aka vote)

We’ve had two (2) referendums in the past: both times we the people said “no” to a third (3rd) tier of “Local” government. No means no, right?

If ACTS from the 1970’s made “Local Government” lawful, then why would ex-PM Gillard, only a few years ago, even entertain the idea of wasting more of our money on another referendum, asking the same bloody question for a third time?

Because ACTS are not, LAW!!!

Not one council in Australia is LAWFUL. Yet without warrants, they search our yards, and knock our homes down when they want new car-parks.

Councils are all ABN holding businesses, usually run by un-elected CEO’s.

K-Mart, Coles, Bunnings etc have CEO’s. Constitutional Governments do NOT have CEO’s. There’s not a single word in the Australian Constitution 1901 about, CEO’s

We have an un-elected CEO wanker on the Gold Coast, paid more than the President of the United States, running the local council, called Dale Dickson. He was never lawfully elected by we the people, yet he stays on controlling our financial fates even after we boot bad Mayors out. How is that sane?

GOLD Coast City Council CEO Dale Dickson will have to come up with a plan to cull jobs in order to save his own..

So the above Courier Mail headline is supposed to be shocking? Really? An ABN holding business has another business operating within it? Wow, shocking news there.

The real news is, what happened to Gillard’s third referendum on councils? How many times do the so called leaders need to hear us all say, “no”?

It’s like BREXIT in England. The pommie people said lets get out of the EU, yet two years later the elected ass holes are still dragging their ‘new world order’ heels on what the people want. How is that sane?

Former Western Australian police office of 17 years, and Australian Constitution researcher Wayne Glew, exposes local government fraud.

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Australia, a Reverse Racism Practitioner?

Australia's racist double standard deportation laws.

(AustraliaMatters) First up, I’m no fan of either person in the opinions to follow; I believe both foreign born men should be deported.

So, I live in a fricked up country that deports white right wing Christians, (Pastor Logan Robertson) that with a prior Mosque appointment (later twisted into “trespass”) dared ask an Islamic leader about their 54yo paedophile guru. Thought crime 101, huh?

Yet the same country won’t jail or deport Sudanese foreign born violent criminal Akon Mawien, because .. are you ready for this .. drum roll .. because, he’s good at playing cricket.

Truth is, the courts and police will throw a white person out without blinking an eye lid, but if you’re black? Come on, Aussie.

If that’s not reverse racism, then what is?

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