‘Fat Pizza’ portrays African gang killing white person.

(Australia Matters) November 05, 2019 ‘Fat Pizza’ (aired on Channel 7) show crosses the comedy line, killing a white person in a ‘skit’.

Who were the killers? An African gang living in Melbourne.

Can you imagine the outrage if an African was killed in that skit? Beaten to death, and the cops not doing anything about it. It would never happen.

UK cinemas had to ban a controversial film “Blue Story” … about African’s in a “post code” gang, living in England.

Some easily led morons reacted in real life to the film and took to the cinemas with real weapons.

Real life African shooter in the news! (external link)

Art imitating life, or life imitating art?

Ask Muslims questions, get deported. Beat police, get to stay.

(AustraliaMatters) The above Kenyan born ass hole, Yak Dut, 22, beat two Australian female police officers, and threatened to find and kill them after he gets out of jail.

He also bragged he’d not have to do jail time … because of his skin color. WTF?

Above Kiwi born, Logan Robertston, living in Brisbane as a Christian Pastor, turned up for a pre-arranged appointment to speak with an Imam (leader) at an Islamic mosque.

No one was hurt, no one threatened, no one used any ‘racist’ BS card. In preparation for an upcoming documentary he was making, he just wanted to know first hand, what Australian Muslims thought about their Prophet marrying a 6 year old child called Aisha.

One of the above was deported quicker than the paint drying on Peter Dutton’s toe nails. The other, just released from prison, is left to stay in Australia and live off the welfare system…

Guess which one got to stay in Australia? Read more


NSW police still downplaying ‘African’ gangs reckless Sydney shopping sprees

Minister for Home Affairs Gerry Harvey, whoops, err, Australian retail outlet owner Gerry Harvey, calls the “little hoods” spade a spade…

NOT DEPORTED: African “little hoods” robbing JB Hi-Fi

…while NSW Police still haven’t learnt to say, “African Gangs”. More on the story at the Daily Mail

So called, Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton

ODDLY the actual Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton, isn’t in the news talking about deporting any of the Melbourne, or now Sydney, “little hoods”.

DEPORTED: Controversial Baptist Pastor Logan Robertson

Although, without blinking a balding eye lid, the Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton deported a Christian that had a prior appointment at a Brisbane Mosque.

Roberston’s crime? He wanted to ask a Muslim IMAM questions for an up coming documentary. Australian Mormons didn’t run to Dutton when they spoke to him for his Mormon documentary.  (worth the watch just for the ‘admitted’ Mormon racist truths)

The Sudanese African gang members, whether they be in Melbourne, or now in Sydney, usually have Islamic backgrounds.

Yet our dear leaders claim no one is above the law in Australia? What a crook!

Goldman’s PM Sock Puppet Turnbull finally admits Victoria’s African Gang Problem

(AustraliaMatters) 10 years+ later, the Australian PM admits Victoria has a problem with Sudanese (Africa) gangs. full MSM BS

Thing is Mal, just as long as they can bowl a cricket ball, the courts will go easy on their violent crimes.

They (the so called government’s security experts) must think we’re all complete tossers – you can’t tell me that they (immigration department etc.) didn’t physiologically profile that group before bringing them here and mixing them in with main stream Australians.

Nah, just bring ’em in, and chuck ’em into our laps. The “tolerate” Australian people will learn how to cope with third world thuggery. They’ll learn how to remain silent in the press, even when a large clash happened right outside the Herald Sun office a few years back.. They’ll down play it all, down at the station out of fear of being slammed the “R” word .. even though we’re not the ones smashing and slamming.

Third world status, that’s the long term objective after all – kicked off in 1975 when Australia (labour in power) voted at the Lima Peru UN meeting, to deindustrialise first world nations (we lose our jobs at Bonds, Holden, Ford etc.) and build up (then) third world shit holes such as, China and India.

The so called leaders that throw the hyenas in with the sloths, love the chaos – makes them feel needed  – gives them pretext to protect us all more … with more of their loving CCTV, biometric and body x-ray scanners everywhere … and other big brother wants such as … that national ID card (ideally they want an implantable chip or tattoo) Bob Hawke tried to pull over our eyes. (Now Pauline Hanson wants it)

Crime is big business for those that own stock in the privately owned and run jails. Empty jail cells, means no profits from the tax payers pockets. It’s masterful how they have it all intertwined together.


Australia, a Reverse Racism Practitioner?

Australia's racist double standard deportation laws.

(AustraliaMatters) First up, I’m no fan of either person in the opinions to follow; I believe both foreign born men should be deported.

So, I live in a fricked up country that deports white right wing Christians, (Pastor Logan Robertson) that with a prior Mosque appointment (later twisted into “trespass”) dared ask an Islamic leader about their 54yo paedophile guru. Thought crime 101, huh?

Yet the same country won’t jail or deport Sudanese foreign born violent criminal Akon Mawien, because .. are you ready for this .. drum roll .. because, he’s good at playing cricket.

Truth is, the courts and police will throw a white person out without blinking an eye lid, but if you’re black? Come on, Aussie.

If that’s not reverse racism, then what is?

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Victoria’s Power Sell-Off: The Shocking Truth – FULL

(AustraliaMatters) Twenty years on – a look at how privatizing our public owned SEC power in Victoria is going.

The irony is that larger owners are the Singapore and Chinese governments.

They make 2% off their people and “8% to 10%” off Australians. Thus, Victorians are subsidizing cheaper electricity in China and Singapore.

Not to mention the hundreds of millions of our dollars leaving the country each year.

We sure are a dopey bunch for letting this happen.

Former Australian PM: Israel Deliberately Killed Americans


(AustraliaMatters) Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser joins the recent revelations of the former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr in addressing the role of Israeli influence in the foreign policy of Australia.

Fraser is a former leader of Australia’s Liberal Party who was the 22nd Prime Minister of Australia. He came to power in 1975 and led his country until 1983.

In a radio interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) of Melbourne, while promoting his new book, “Dangerous Allies,” Fraser pulled no punches in describing how Israel had betrayed America with the attack on the USS Liberty,  and the influcece that the Australian Jewish Lobby has in Australia.

Speaking to hosts Jon Faine and Professor Damien Kingsbury of Deakin University, on the May 9, 2014 The Conversation Hour show, Fraser was asked about Australia’s “allies” and “enemies” and what had caused Australia to become involved in wars such as Iraq—and what might cause Australia to enter a “fourth war” (in Syria).

It was while this topic was being discussed, that Fraser took the brave step of standing up in public and naming the Jewish Lobby as an  important factor in determining Australian foreign policy.

“Israel years ago, during one of the wars, killed 30 or 40 Americans on a spy ship in the Western Mediterranean,” [international waters] Fraser told Faine.

“The Americans tried to cover it up. It wasn’t a mistake. It was deliberate.”

When asked on what he based the claim, Fraser said: “Information I have. I am not going to tell you the source.”

Asked by Faine if he agreed that “the pro-Israel and in particular Jewish community lobby in Australia wielded too much power”, Fraser responded, “They certainly do.”

When Faine suggested other religious, ethnic and communal groups, like the Italian community, also lobbied the government, Fraser said, “I don’t think the Italian community, just to take one example, try to get us to follow any particular policies in relation to Italy. And that’s the difference.

“The Jewish community seek to get Australia to support policies as defined by Israel.”

His comments were naturally enough met with cries of denial, as Fraser wouldn’t name his source. The same people wanting Fraser to tell all, usually scold whistle blowers like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

Welcome to the “conspiracy theorist” club, Mr Fraser.

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