Spot the Country! Sydney or Shanghai?

Isn’t it odd in 2019, how only White Tribes around the world have to “diversify”?

Fifty years from now China will still be Chinese, Africa will still be African, India will still be Indian, Japan will still be Japanese, Koera will still be Korean, Mexico will still be Mexican, Israel will still be Israeli…

I’ve been ashamed to post anything pro ‘my tribe matters’ on this site … I was worried visitor numbers would drop, I’d attract NS and Bolshevik scum, and /or be labelled the ‘R’ word.

Visitors are low and the ‘R’ word is rubbish – there are no biological “races” in humans!

I don’t care any more! I’m half Irish, half Pommie … and that evil word … white!

‘Calculated’ hidden in plain view ‘policy’ announcements. Govt. aren’t talking about new seating and footpaths.

If you’re pro-Jewish … like ALL of our schools, courts, cops, parliaments and media, etc. then you’d have to be pro their stories about EVERYONE coming from just EIGHT OF THE SAME KIND … on one Ark … only 4,000 years ago!! Gee, fast ‘race’ evolution, huh?

Oddly, 4,000 years ago, Indians from India, walked down to this part of the world. Gee, now that’s some really fast ‘outer the Ark’ evolution.

Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi- “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid is the race of the future” read more

My ‘tall-ship descendants shame’ tide turned when China brazenly sailed it’s warships into Sydney Harbour two months ago. That was a big fat ‘our tribe can come and go as we please’ … middle finger to my Tribe.

Definition of genocide

Article 2 of the Convention defines genocide as … any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

“diversity” is code for ‘white-genocide’!

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NSW police still downplaying ‘African’ gangs reckless Sydney shopping sprees

Minister for Home Affairs Gerry Harvey, whoops, err, Australian retail outlet owner Gerry Harvey, calls the “little hoods” spade a spade…

NOT DEPORTED: African “little hoods” robbing JB Hi-Fi

…while NSW Police still haven’t learnt to say, “African Gangs”. More on the story at the Daily Mail

So called, Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton

ODDLY the actual Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton, isn’t in the news talking about deporting any of the Melbourne, or now Sydney, “little hoods”.

DEPORTED: Controversial Baptist Pastor Logan Robertson

Although, without blinking a balding eye lid, the Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton deported a Christian that had a prior appointment at a Brisbane Mosque.

Roberston’s crime? He wanted to ask a Muslim IMAM questions for an up coming documentary. Australian Mormons didn’t run to Dutton when they spoke to him for his Mormon documentary.  (worth the watch just for the ‘admitted’ Mormon racist truths)

The Sudanese African gang members, whether they be in Melbourne, or now in Sydney, usually have Islamic backgrounds.

Yet our dear leaders claim no one is above the law in Australia? What a crook!

Australian tax payers funded fake day-care fraud run by Islamic ring leaders

(AustraliaMatters) Australian tax payers funded fake day-care fraud “allegedly” run by Islamic ring leaders, Farmann, and Zina Mohammad.

Oddly the media and police are refusing to point out the 18+ arrested so far are Muslims. It’s because of their tight knit religion that they could organise this in the first place – yet the religion factor isn’t brought up. Read more on the Daily Mail

Islam is a religion, not a race after all. If Islam is a race, then someone better tell that to the African-American that runs the ‘Nation Of Islam’ in America.

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Caucasian children at the head of the class in Australia, OECD report finds

Anglo-Saxon Australian Children
Caucasian Children (1990’s Paul Hogan Show)

(ABC NEWS) Immigrant children from India, the Philippines and China are falling behind their Caucasian classmates by significant margins, according to a global education report.

OECD report ranks Australia seventh in the world for academic performance of Caucasian students.

NAPLAN results last year revealed that children who grew up speaking English were outperforming non-English speakers in spelling in some states. [continues … story link below] comment: The above would be deemed racist … all that “white privilege” BS the cultural marxist go on about … yet if it were about immigrant children being smarter than Caucasian children .. drum roll … then reverse racism (‘we can, but you can’t’) would be OK. Bad news Aussie … the above is fake news. I put the boot on the other foot. Click here for the real ABC story where English speaking Caucasian children are deemed the dummies.

nsw school full of asians
NSW primary school: When in Rome … and parents still love communist dictator Xi Jinping at home.

If I was “new world order” dictator Xi Jinping, I’d love my fellow communist peoples moving to western countries to buy up, and breed up. The smart Asian children then grow up amongst the (supposedly) dumber Caucasian children. Who do you suppose will be our future Australian leaders?

It’s like sport. Our coach is away praising up, pep talking the other team … that racist OECD report is talking about teams … claiming one team is BETTER than others … and if we on the losing team point that out, we get slammed with their cultural marxist “R” slur.

Three ways to “swamp Australia”

  • overt at the end of a gun barrel (quick but messy)
  • covert in the bedroom (children groomed from birth to be host nations leaders)
  • buy everything up while parroting; “at least we paid for it” (same stuff they proclaim is “stolen”)

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Aussie Talk Host’s “Weak Knees” on China

Democracy is a dirty word in communist China

(AustraliaMatters) 2GB Sydney based talk radio host Alan Jones, talks to Geoffrey Wade, from the Australian National University about handing Australian energy networks to foreigners.

During the interview Jones points out profits from our electricity use in Australia, are heading to a Canadian superannuation fund company. Doesn’t that make you feel good about privatization of Australian owned assets?

The interview highlight is nearer the end when “I’ve just gone weak at the knees” Jones finally concedes to Geoffrey Wade, that “like an octopus” China has a dark agenda, within regards to it’s purchasing of our Australian land, farms, homes, resources, utilities and (joint Aus-US military used) Darwin port.

You have your faults Mr Jones, but bravo for saying publicly what many of us “xenophobic”, “protectionists” have known for a long time.


Multiculturalism — celebrating the biggest mass murderer in history

Two sides of a souvenir trinket commemorating Mao Zedong, the biggest mass murderer of the 20th century.

(APP) I purchased this item while I was visiting . . . no, not China, not Hong Kong, . . . but Kogarah, a suburb in Sydney’s south, at the Kogarah Shopping Paradise to be specific (I have kept the docket).

When I told a good mate who lives in the Kogarah area about these Mao souvenirs he went to the same shop the next day only to find they had been sold out. He has informed me that he has seen a number of cars being driven around this area with one of these trinkets hanging from the inside rear-view mirror.

For the record, it[‘s] estimated that over 70,000,000 people, mainly his fellow Chinese, died as a direct result of Mao Zedong’s policies and actions. This number exceeds the over 61 million murdered by the Soviet Union between 1917 and 1987, and far, far exceeds the 20,946,000 attributed to the Nazis during World War II.

Now, imagine if you will, if there was another shop just up the road from where I bought the Mao trinket, which sold, among other things, German memorabilia from WWII, including, say, portraits of Adolph Hitler, or even just Nazi flags. We all know quite well the almighty cyclone of anger, outrage and controversy that would soon descend upon such as shop. I have no doubt they would be forced to close the shop or at the very least remove the “offending” items.

So how come a shop in Kogarah can get away with selling trinkets of Mao Zedong? read more

Medical marijuana: The illegal miracle.

(Sunday Night 15/06/14)  Two families torn apart by illness and tortured by the medication that is designed to save them have discovered the incredible benefits of marijuana. Top cops and anti-drug families talk to Sunday Night about discovering this illegal substance is not only relieving their pain but providing cures. Plus, the live viewer debate about legalizing marijuana. read more


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AM comment: So much for a “democratic” Australia.