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We all tolerate each other, don’t we?

I don’t like islam denying all that Aisha child bride stuff … but I tolerate muslims in Australia that believe having six year old child brides … ‘at that time’ … was OK.

I don’t like the ‘masters of usury’ in Australia running our Treasury, but I tolerate it.

I don’t like greenies and such gluing themselves to roads holding up traffic for many hours, but I tolerate it.

This week, a hilarious video from a lefty USA convention surfaced showing how even “applause” and “chatter” is offensive within their own ranks.

How long before the little Karl Marxists adopt the same BS in Australia?

What a clown world.

Quick, call the Plumber

Moderate or Extremist?

(AustraliaMatters) 2GB radio host Alan Jones interviews with Andrew Bolt and former army major Bernard Gaynor got me off the couch today.

The interviews were OK, and both about Islamic “extremists” – but for the life of me, I can’t comprehend why they never speak about Islamic “moderates”.

The ‘extremists’ want instant change at the end of a sword / gun barrel, while the “moderates” (called “hypocrites” in the Qur’an) go for slow “peaceful” change.

Slow change? Come on Aussie, it’s common knowledge Muslims love large families. The rest of us aren’t keeping up in the bedroom.

Given enough time (est 2050) our population demographics will change, as will Australia. I don’t blame Muslims for that change – I blame ourselves for not breeding enough.

“We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

-Former moderate Libyan President, Muammar Gaddafi, 10 April 2006

Add to the mix, China has relaxed their one child policy – even blind Freddie can hear the flood of Chinese flowing into Australia the last decade. Go for a drive down Anzac Parade in Sydney. Look at who’s buying our farms. Look who’s been given control over our Sovereign Darwin port. Our port, used by our navy.

Sure, both the Chinese (not a race) and Muslims (not a race) have been here for hundreds of years — but come on Aussie, there’s a flood from two taps going on of late, and no one has called in the plumber.

Integration, and I welcome it, only works when new folks come in slowly and integrate into our Australian “melting pot” culture. When foreigners of the same background, flood in, they pool into enclaves and never truly integrate with the rest of us, as one nation, with one set of values, one set of laws and a common language.

If ‘moderate. tolerant, peaceful’ Muslims are happy with our existing Australian system, then why are they starting a political party in the name of their religion? The leader of the wanted party was asked if he put Australia or Islam first — he responded “I’m a Muslim first, absolutely”. What’s next, the Australian Buddhist, Mormon, LDS, and or Hindu party’s?


What happened to separation of church and state? Clearly they want to challenge our existing system with their Islamic ideology. When Muslims enter government, will they swear an oath to the Crown? Well considering Gillard and Keating never did, it would be safe to assume Muslims won’t either.

Will Standing Order 50 (Lord’s Prayer) offend them, like a Chaplain’s badge, and be removed? Will this religious party push for Sharia (Islamic law) in Australia? Eventually when their “moderate” population is up, and ours is down, it’s a sure bloody thing.

In the long run, they all win! Strong Christian based nations will be breed off the map — well, unless more attacks like Paris and Mali happen shifting world opinion. After those recent attacks, many states in America are now refusing to take refugees.

In these crazy politically correct pandering times, Australian born singer Tina Arena (she’s been living in France the last twenty years) is all of a sudden up and moving her family back to Australia after the Paris attacks.

Everything is just a coincidence — fear mongering, “racism”, or blah blah blah. I might move to Saudi Arabia and try to start up a Saudi Christian Party, or try China’s “tolerance” out with a Chinese Democracy Party, and see how I go buying their land without a 70 year lease (Chinese can’t own their own land) and be given a Chinese deep sea port…

And pigs will fly.

Get a load of these ‘moderate’ refugees in the below video flooding into Europe…quick, call the plumber !!!


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The Truth about Islam.

Who do I cry for?

source: www.pickeringpost.com/cartoon/4821

(AustraliaMatters) Indonesian and Australian relations on the skids? No great loss after what they did to the East Timorese or the 202 in Bali, the many in West Papua, and our six Australian journalists.

Megan Jennifer Connolly (9 April 1974 – 6 September 2001) was an Australian actress, mainly of soap opera. Died from heroin over dose.
New South Wales lass, Megan Jennifer Connolly (9 April 1974 – 6 September 2001) was an Australian actress, mainly of soap opera. Died from heroin over dose. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megan_Connolly

The same year the Bali 9 were caught, heroin killed 131 Australians.

List of famous people heroin has killed. (oddly there’s no lists of non-famous people also killed by heroin.)

Who do I cry for today?

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You can tell a mans character by those he panders to. (click to enlarge)

(Pickering Post) Wahhabist Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is dead and everyone in the West, except Barack Obama, bemoans the fact that he died peacefully under an anaesthetic rather than having his head brutally hacked off in a public square.

On our holidays we watch sport, and so do the Saudis in Deera Square, Ryhadh (or Chop Chop Square as it more affectionately known). Saudi crowds gather each week to ghoulishly witness beheadings and other gruesome penalties for non-violent offences, including drug crimes, adultery and practices it deems to be witchcraft.

This Saudi national sport averages 90 beheadings a year, mostly of foreign nationals, and runs second only to China in sheer numbers of executions.

The crowds are warmed up with beatings and severing of hands and limbs prior to the main decapitation events.

A lawyer for many due for Chop Chop Square, Waleed Abu Alkhair, currently in jail facing insubordination charges, told the BBC that one of his client’s charges concerned statements posted online calling for a relaxation of Saudi Arabia’s strict interpretation of Shariah Law.

Australian flags at half mast for a tyrant.
Australian flags at half mast for a tyrant.

Foreign correspondent for “The Age” Paul McGeough, wrote yesterday, “When ISIS throws accused homosexuals to their death from the top of a tall building, it tweets pictures and uploads video to social media. But not those Saudi killjoys – when a policeman last week videoed the mediaeval beheading of a female migrant worker in the holy city of Mecca and exercised his freedom of expression by uploading the clip on YouTube, he was arrested and has apparently disappeared into the maw of the Saudi security system, reportedly to face unspecified charges in two courts – one military, the other religious.

“ISIS would have given him a medal. The Burmese woman, named as Laila bint Abdul Muttalib Basim in one report, was dragged through the streets and held down by four policemen, while it took three blows from the executioner’s sword to sever her head – and as he hacked away, she used her last breath to scream: “I didn’t kill. I didn’t kill.” read more

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MH17: Kiev defied warning on airspace

Mo, 12, Otis, 8, and Evie Maslin, 10.
Ukraine sent Australian children over a war zone. Mo, 12, Otis, 8, and Evie Maslin, 10.

(SundayTimes) UKRAINE was urged to close the east of the country to civil aviation days before the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in July but ignored the warning, The Sunday Times has learnt.  read more

AM comment: So Ukraine kept commercial airliners flying over a war zone. That’s like a mother allowing her children to walk though a neighbours backyard with pit bulls. Yet Abbott is cranky and imposing cold war like sanction in our name against who — the neighbours, the mother or the baker down the street?

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VIDEO: ISIS Murdering Civilians in Iraq


“Islam, the religion of peace”?

Yes, peace for those with the weapons — Hell for the rest of the world hog tied like animals before being shot in cold blood by hooded cowards.

We’re all hog tied, Aussie! It’s not just the slain in this video.

Our mouths are hog tied. We’re not supposed to talk about the big picture otherwise “racial discrimination” conditional speech law 18C gets us thrown into jail for scrutinizing a fricking religion, NOT a race!

Who tied us up, Aussie? Our own kind did!!! Our own kind, that bends a knee for 2 percent and pushes multi-religionism under the soft velvet glove they call “multi-culturalism”

Saddam was no saint, but compared to this, he was Mother Teressa. Former PM John Howard went along with the Iraq 2003 invasion that has caused all of this unrest in Iraq. Will Howard be held to account with Bush and Blair? Of course not. International bankster puppets in expensive business suits get away with war crimes.

Screw multi-religionism, screw multi-culturalism!

Bring back “melting pot” Australia!! If you don’t like it, frick off!!

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(Pickering Post) MH17 is fast emerging as a secondary emergency as social media becomes the primary arsenal of Ukraine […] combatants. Truths that were once concealed by tyrants and terrorists are now visible in gory detail on any computer screen, and not before time.

The pictorial horror of war is no longer sanitised, it’s on-line, and mainstream media is reluctantly being forced to compete for truth in news.


Julie Bishop is choosing her words more carefully in Kiev and starting to doubt the motives of illegitimate, self-appointed President Poroshenko who is systematically murdering thousands of his own Ukrainian citizens. He has little interest in MH17, his interest is genocide.

The Ukrainian military is bombing its own undefended eastern cities, razing schools, hospitals, suburban infrastructure, water and electricity supplies. It is showering mortars indiscriminately on rural nationals who are fleeing as refugees from their own country in numbers approaching a quarter million.

Yet, if Putin dares to assist in stemming the genocide he is labelled a supporter of separatists and rebels by the West. Read more

[AustraliaMatters comment] AM doesn’t endorse Pickering’s support for open air prisons in the middle east, but his take on MH17 is worth noting. We added the above video. Be warned–the video is very graphic. It’s horrible to watch, but important as it gives you the raw citizens point of view as to whats really going on. The pro-Nazi (you read that right) Ukrainian govermnet has no problem killing it’s own people, so why would they care about a plane full of foreigners that includes 38 Australians? Answer that my dear honest ant-Nazi Australian govermnet!