Waiting for Lefty Albo to do ‘Jazz Hands’ too.


We all tolerate each other, don’t we?

I don’t like islam denying all that Aisha child bride stuff … but I tolerate muslims in Australia that believe having six year old child brides … ‘at that time’ … was OK.

I don’t like the ‘masters of usury’ in Australia running our Treasury, but I tolerate it.

I don’t like greenies and such gluing themselves to roads holding up traffic for many hours, but I tolerate it.

This week, a hilarious video from a lefty USA convention surfaced showing how even “applause” and “chatter” is offensive within their own ranks.

How long before the little Karl Marxists adopt the same BS in Australia?

What a clown world.

First they came for the footballers, and I did not speak out, because I was not a footballer.

Footballer Israel Folau and his wife.

(AustraliaMatters) This non-sporty, agnostic blog writer tries to remain secular, but sometime all that Australian Judeo-Christian founding father based stuff needs revisiting.

Muslims praying at work.

Today we live in a country where *AT WORK*, Muslims can request prayer rooms and time off to pray.

Yet football player Israel Folau, while *NOT AT WORK* … quoted ‘laws’ out of the Jewish part of the Bible called the, Old Testament.

Fancy name for the ‘laws’ is the ’10 Commandments’ .. found in the Jewish part of the Bible called, Genesis.

The same ‘laws’ can be later found in round about ways in the ‘New Testament’. But what came first?

The same Old Testament stories are supposedly so valid and true, that those same stories were held high in 1948 when European Jews demanded the “promised land” back … many died in the process that not one Liberal or Labor Australian PM has ever spoken out about.

The same Old and New Testaments are supposedly valid in Australia, that courts still in 2019, will make us place our hands on and swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.

The same Old and News Testaments are supposedly so valid in Australia, that the various bodies of government will recite “The Lord’s Prayer” before each sitting. (lefties are working on having that removed). That prayer came out of the Bible.

The same Old and New Testaments are supposedly so valid in Australia 2019, in the Australian Constitution 1901, the words “God save the Queen” still exist. That God, is the same God, Israel Folau, in round about ways, quoted in his *NOT AT WORK* Instagram post.

NOT AT WORK post Israel Folau made on Instagram

Same book, same stories … talks about the quotes Israel Folau made on Instagram. Yet where is the outrage of the Jewish community; where is the outrage of the Muslim community too?

Why? Both believe everything in that *NOT AT WORK* Instagram post Israel Folau made … the God quotes that set the chain of events off.

Today Israel Folau, supposedly with $6million in assets, is asking for donations to fund his $3million legal fees to fight his work (football club) for sacking him over the Instagram post.

Folks donated $750,000 before the donation site GoFundMe pulled his campaign today.

Regardless of how the case will be funded, one thing is for sure … If Israel Folau losses, then so do Christians, Jews, Muslims  … that AWAY FROM WORK can be sacked for quoting their Bible, Torah’s, Quran’s beliefs and teachings on social media.

The loss sets a wide precedent not just on Christians.

Did Israel Folau have a work gag order preventing him from expressing his beliefs in the media? Alan Jones asked him that question this week, and Israel Folau said “no”.

First they came for the footballers, and I did not speak out, because I was not a footballer. Then they came for the wedding cake makers, and I did not speak out, because I was not a wedding cake maker … and on and on.


“Ozraeli Army”? Islam hating Jew wants his Middle East BS in Australia

avi yemini

(AustraliaMatters) Geez Aussie, did you know Australia needs the foreign enemy of a foreign enemy to protect Australia? Nope? Neither did we.

Remember when the major cloud fairy problems between the Jew and the Muslim … were on the other side of the planet?

We do, pre-9/11 – The same 9/11 Israel’s current PM said was “good for Israel”. How could 2,996 dead people in the USA be good for Israel?

High-fiving Israelis in USA before 9/11 to “document the event”

Not being content killing each other on their side of the world, some want to bring their 1,400+ years of bloodshed BS to our Australian shores.


Meet Avi Yemini, Australian based “Jew” with 142,000+ Youtube subscribers, and favourable SKY (fake news that covers up 9/11) media attention.

Yemini claims he’s atheist, yet wears the religious garb while facing off (agitating) with Muslims in the street.

AM came across Yemini this week while on Pommie Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon’s (aka Tommy Robinson) Youtube channel. Oddly Lennon is supporting this Australian based agitator.

The last person cranky Muslims are going to take any notice of in Australia, is a cranky Jew, right? Agitator!

Yemini is asking for $$$$ to create an…

avi yemini

Ozraeli Army? Gee, what’s next, the other side wanting a ‘Ozmuzzie Army’?

His video comments section shows 70% reject his Ozraeli crap. Other two week old comments still publicity shown, are openly talking about wanting guns and ammunition to use against Australian based Muslims.

We hope you’re doing your job ASIO.

This is Australia, not the Middle East where morons are killing over who owns the Canaanite’s stolen land … and /or which son of Abraham was loved more than the other!

Big picture is, those such as “good for Israel” Netanyahu, want the rest of the world knowing the joys of global terrorism.

Goyim (derogatory name for non-Jews) living in fear is great for business … selling weapons, installing CCTV’s and body scanners everywhere, having the chosen “retrain” Australian police, creating global police states etc.

The best way to control an enemy (e.g goyim) is to lead them. And while you’re leading them, have them fight your other enemy at the same time.

WW3, throw the atheists, Christians and muslims together and agitate them until they wipe each other out … well that’s the plan written 200 years ago from the quill of 33 degree Mason, Albert Pike.

Masons love Jewish King Solomon and his corrupt Egyptian spell casting witch wife. You know the bible story – all pre-Islam, pre 6 year old Aisha era.

Masons built his Temple … the Temple where witchcraft happened by the wife, that upset Solomon’s G-d.

The Temple had two pillars out front named, Jachin and Boaz. The same two J and B pillars the Masons still use today, to show those with eyes who they really are … loyalists that carry on what Solomon’s Egyptian witch wife was into.

Egyptian symbolism, even in today’s Israeli Supreme court. Look Ma, there’s a fricking pyramid sticking out the roof with HORUS on it.

Same country’s leader praises sodomites (AM doesn’t care where you stick your winkie) even though the “chosen peoples” G-d did away with sodomites at Sodom and Gomorrah.

Witch’s wands and “rods”, are the same thing …

Pharaoh once more, instructing Aaron that when the Pharaoh demands to see a miracle, he is to “cast down his rod” and it will become a serpent. When he does so, the Pharaoh’s sorcerers counter by similarly casting down their own rods, which also become serpents … wiki

Pharaoh called his warlocks, “sorcerers

Israel has a new crown ready for another ‘Aaron’

Funny how Youtube (Jewish founders Brin and Page) have banned those like American Alex Jones, yet they’ve left this other crack pot alone with his Israel+Australia army BS.

related: US-Govt paper claims no there’s no biological human races (no races means no such thing as “racist”, “racism”)

related: “anti-semite” misnomer. Microsoft map shows many Arabs are also Semites


An Abbott in our Hay Stack

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” -Benjamin Franklin

No ID required.

(Australia Matters) While Tony and his mates take more of our liberties, real terrorists head down to the local electronics shop or eBay and buy cheap $80 disposable WiFi computer tablets.

Quick trip to McDonald’s and or other free open wifi spots and they get their communications through anonymously. Meanwhile the rest of us at home, work, school are having all our ISP metadata collected and tied to our real ID’s and address’. Either free anonymous WiFi access has to be banned, or Tony and his 1984 crew need to stop crawling the majority for needles that aren’t in the same hay stacks.

Samsung Admits Private Conversations Being Sent to Internet Server


(Infowars) Infowars first reported on the issue three months ago in November, but the story went viral over the weekend after being picked up by numerous technology websites.

The controversy stems from Samsung’s global privacy policy, which advises users to, “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.” read more

A historical review of anti-terrorism legislation in Australia

asio_facebook(Truth News Radio) Today we look at the recent history of anti-terrorism legislation in Australia. We demonstrate that the term “anti-terrorism” is a euphemism for “anti-democratic”, since the substance of all these laws is to roll back and undermine the essential principles of law in a democratic society, such as the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial, the right of a suspect to appoint legal counsel, and the requirement upon the State to disclose all evidence against an accused person. Read more and tune into the podcast.