Internet filter on track for July 2011: Conroy

wood wedge.jpg(ARN) Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, claims the voluntary Internet filter is on track for implementation by Optus, Telstra and iPrimus this year and has denied any suggestion it’s on the backburner. read more

Voluntary? Yes, for the ISP’s. We’ll have to wait and see if ISP’s, Optus, Telstra and iPrimus give their customers the same choice, cough cough, seemingly removing Conroy from the firing line. Future Conroy comment prediction: “Ow dang pass the parcel ma — the decision to filter was made by the three largest ISP backbones, not poor old little me!”

Move over WW2 IBM: HP is in town.

(ZNet) Video source and article

(AustraliaMatters) Most of you are using a computer right now where your PRIVATE files that belong to you, are stored on the private computer that belongs to you — That is GOOD — That is NORMAL! On the other hand net nanny police state boss Stephen Conroy is on the “cloud” wagon promoting our private computer files be stored at GOVERNMENT kosher “data collection centers”. Stalin and Hitler would be very very jealous of Stephen conman. We know for a fact that non-government IBM (whom cataloged WW2 prisoners) have a whole floor in a high rise building on the Gold Coast that “data collects” on citizens. Private NGO companies being allowed to spy and hold private files and thoughts is so very very wrong. These aren’t new examples. Do you see what is being built up around us and supported by smiley faced bureaucrats? Now non-government HP and a 54x sized tennis court information collection and storage center in Sydney? Do you see where this is going?

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Stuxnet: Another “Conspiracy Theory” Turns Out To Be True

computer_virus.jpg(PrisonPlanet) Debunkers attacked claim that US and Israel were behind [computer] worm attack – now it’s admitted. Despite numerous establishment blogs and websites at the time debunking the claim that Israel and the United States were behind the Stuxnet [computer] virus attack, that fact has now been admitted, leaving many with egg on their faces and proving once again that the “conspiracy theorists” were right all along. read more

Accurate 1993 predictions from AT&T “You Will” Ads

(AustraliaMatters) This was 18 years ago — Computers in 1993 were running primitive Windows 3.1 So called “elite” (usury banksters) are also wanting a cashless society whereby the global sheeple are implanted with computer microchips to be better tracked and traced with the same AT&T like computing technologies. Below are two comments we like on the YouTube channel where this video is hosted…

“Have you ever been trapped in a multi-year contract that promises you unlimited data transfer, but later get your bandwidth capped? You will. And the company that will bring it to you? AT&T.”

The next comment says it all about these wonderful big brother companies…

“Have you ever had your phone company participate in a criminal conspiracy to let the government spy on your phone calls without a warrant? You will.”