Former Aussie Cop charges Supreme Court Judge with FRAUD!

(AustraliaMatters) Former Western Australian police officer of 17 years and Constitutional researcher Wayne Glew, schools “fraud” judge in “not a lawful court”, because they are “employees of a company” … not an “officer of the Crown” per the Australian Constitution 1901.

At the end of the 2012 video, the company judge flees the court room when the public gallery calls for his arrest.

2014 the company courts went through the motions … trying to appear as if they want to jail Glew for “contempt of court”, but for some reason, the company courts still haven’t jailed Glew.

2018, Wayne Glew is still a free man happily posting away on Facebook 🙂

ACTS are ACTS, ACTS are not LAW!

Councils are not third tiers of constitutional government.
“secretive entity”?

(AustraliaMatters) I can’t afford the fee to see the whole Courier Mail story, but if the headline is anything to go by, I don’t need to see any more.

Firstly, ACTS are ACTS … ACTS are not LAW!!

“Local Government” ACTS were created in the 1970’s onward to supposedly make Councils appear lawful, constitutional.

ACTS are not LAW

LAW says in Section 123 and 128 of the Australian Constitution 1901 (with only two (2) tiers of government, Federal and State) that a third tier (aka level) of government needs to pass a peoples referendum. (aka vote)

We’ve had two (2) referendums in the past: both times we the people said “no” to a third (3rd) tier of “Local” government. No means no, right?

If ACTS from the 1970’s made “Local Government” lawful, then why would ex-PM Gillard, only a few years ago, even entertain the idea of wasting more of our money on another referendum, asking the same bloody question for a third time?

Because ACTS are not, LAW!!!

Not one council in Australia is LAWFUL. Yet without warrants, they search our yards, and knock our homes down when they want new car-parks.

Councils are all ABN holding businesses, usually run by un-elected CEO’s.

K-Mart, Coles, Bunnings etc have CEO’s. Constitutional Governments do NOT have CEO’s. There’s not a single word in the Australian Constitution 1901 about, CEO’s

We have an un-elected CEO wanker on the Gold Coast, paid more than the President of the United States, running the local council, called Dale Dickson. He was never lawfully elected by we the people, yet he stays on controlling our financial fates even after we boot bad Mayors out. How is that sane?

GOLD Coast City Council CEO Dale Dickson will have to come up with a plan to cull jobs in order to save his own..

So the above Courier Mail headline is supposed to be shocking? Really? An ABN holding business has another business operating within it? Wow, shocking news there.

The real news is, what happened to Gillard’s third referendum on councils? How many times do the so called leaders need to hear us all say, “no”?

It’s like BREXIT in England. The pommie people said lets get out of the EU, yet two years later the elected ass holes are still dragging their ‘new world order’ heels on what the people want. How is that sane?

Former Western Australian police office of 17 years, and Australian Constitution researcher Wayne Glew, exposes local government fraud.

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Three Years Jail For Being Anti-What?


(AustraliaMatters) Truth News Radio recently spoke to Brendon O’Connell, a Western Australian who spent three (3) years in prison for supposedly violating W.A “racial vilification” laws. Hear the full interview

The moon is not made of cheese and Judaism is NOT a “race”. Ducks don’t bark and dogs don’t quack. Race is not religion!

In a nut shell, Brendon O’Connell was thrown in jail under “race” laws for being verbally critical of a religion called, Judaism.

Anything you can convert to or away from is a religion, NOT a “race”!

What’s next? You get pulled over for no seat belt, but then get thrown in jail for a non-existent hit and run?

Take the horse blinkers off – Brendon O’Connell was thrown into a maximum security jail for three years simply because he dislikes the religion of Judaism. Having seen what’s taught in the Judaic Babylonian Talmud about old mate Jesus, we’re no fans either.

Islamic refugees have been rioting in Melbourne, yet the main stream media wont report that even while its on their front door steps. Link 1Link 2

Why? Are MSM reporters scared they’ll be jailed as “racists” for reporting groups of people with the same religion breaking Australian riot laws?

When the hell did religion become “race”? The only similarities–both words start with the same letter.

Not all Muslims are Arabs, and not all Judaic’s are decadents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 2013 DNA study backs those facts up

Many Arabs are “Semitic”, as it’s a language many speak, not a “race”. How the hell does it make sense labeling people as “anti-Semitic” when Semitic refers to a language Arabs also speak? That’s like saying someone is “Anti-English”! Who makes this insane stuff up?  We’re living in a 1984 horror movie where the meanings of words are being changed willy-nilly to suit agendas. Why is it so hard to simply say “anti-Jewish”? The word “gay” means “happy”, not homosexual. The word “holocaust” is a Biblical term used to describe “animal sacrifice”, not human genocide.

Who are we offending right now? The black Jewish guy, or the white Jewish girl in the above photos? Which one is more “Jewish”? Neither!

Image sources: photo 1photo 2

What about my right to be offended by the one sided Bolshevik bullshit brainwashing forced on us all via the MSM!

How slippery is this slope? Who built it? What the blazers happened to us, Aussie? Long live common sense!

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Australian Jailed 3 Years for ‘Thought Crimes’

Brendon O’Connell: Thought Criminal?

(AustraliaMatters) The following is a matter I’ve been following for a while but haven’t felt the time right to post about it. Now is that time. The fellow pictured left is Brendon O’Connell. He’s serving 3 years in a W.A maximum security jail run by a foreign corporation called SERCO.

What was Mr. Brendon O’Connell’s crime?

Derivatives? Rape? Fiat currency? Housing bubbles? Insider trading? Usury? Taxing people for breathing out Co2? Invading Afghanistan and Iraq? Covering up the Bali attack facts? Lying about children overboard? Constitutional treason selling Australia out to a new world bankster dictatorship?

No, much more worse than any of that — Mr. O’Connell verbally confronted two Hebrew lads that were photographing himself and Australian Palestinians protesting fruit imported into Australia from Israel. Almost brings back memories of the “document the event” Hebrew lads and their well placed cameras set-up before the first 9/11 attack.

Brendon O’Connell described the Hebrew lad’s religion as one of “racist homicidal maniac death cult”. Nothing racist or homicidal about operation cast lead or the Gaza flotilla raid in international waters? USS Liberty attack was all above board as well? Knowing about the “Transfer Agreement” going to far? Being aware of what “bourgeoisie” is code for, too hot?

How many “racists” were sent to maximum security jails for 3 years after the 2005 Cronulla riots?

The video of the W.A protest encounter is HERE

Before being jailed, Mr. O’Connell supposedly was on the path of a supposed national security issue that supposedly could effect Australia. He claims an Israeli based company called Verint is up to no good in Australia. More here

Needless to say, I don’t endorse all of Brendon O’Connell’s views, but I have to ask myself the question — why is  a fellow Australian serving 3 years in a maximum security jail for thought crimes? Is this the new standard? Are we in Australia or the old USSR? Is there something to the Verint claims?

Topping it off, he’s on day 68 of a hunger strike. Do we see this reported in the (cough) unbiased MSM?

Is 3 years in a maximum security jail fair punishment for thought crimes?

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(AustraliaMatters) Meet Mr Wayne Glew, (left) a former police officer of 17 years and resident of Western Australia. He’s had some fair dinkum head to head ding dongs in the Perth Supreme court. Hidden video shot in the court room can be seen here. In the video shown above Mr Glew gives his take on the health of the Australian Constitution and our public servants that are supposed to abide by it.

I pick this story up from the point where Mr Glew supposedly had /has an invention that helps with a vehicles fuel economy. He’s been taken to court a few times by an investor (wheat farmer) that supposedly isn’t happy.

After looking at the patents and being a bit of an ‘alternative energy’ researcher that likes GEET, I personally believe Mr Glew’s invention is worth squat — What I find valuable is Mr Glew’s knowledge of Australian Constitutional law and the way he handles himself in court using it.

Trouble is, if Glew’s invention is a crook and he’s able to stall court proceedings using Constitutional loop holes regarding jurisdiction, then I feel for the investor that’s not getting a fair day in court. “$2m in damages’ is nothing to sneeze at.

-Rod Freeman

WA’s non-GM sector set to vanish: groups

(NineMSN) Western Australia’s non-genetically modified (GM) grain sector could vanish within the next 10 years due to contamination from GM crops, some farmers and conservation groups fear.

Nic Dunlop, environmental science and policy co-ordinator for the Conservation Council of WA, says feral GM canola plants have been found on road verges in the state’s Esperance district some 20 kilometres away from the nearest GM crop. Read More

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Fremantle Hungry Jack’s won’t serve kids during school hours to battle truancy

(CourierMail) SCHOOL children will be refused service at a Hungry Jack’s restaurant in Fremantle during school hours in a bid to tackle truancy. The measure has been introduced ahead of the new school term after a request from police, who said local children were skipping school and using the South Tce store as a meeting point. read more

Meeting point? What’s going to stop them meeting at McDonlands or the Pizza Hut instead? Let’s hope the kids don’t use the beach for a “meeting point” otherwise the police may ask the life savers to refuse service to kids that swim during school hours. How is this for a zanny idea — Spice up the kids history class with facts about September 11, 2001. Here’s some for the curriculum to keep them interested in staying at school; A dual Israeli American scum bag that headed the 9/11 Commission report called Philip Zelikow not only left out WTC7 he also covered up for so called Muslim hijackers. Or in physics class the kids could be shown how WTC7 fell at near free fall speed and that 1300+ architects and structural engineers don’t agree with the official physics. How about mathematics class? They could be taught that 19 hijackers minus 4 alive hijackers equals 15? How about chemistry class? They could be shown how to make chemicals that blow mini vans up with twin tower murals painted on the side? Crikey, even I would leave Hungry Jacks and go back to school if they had real classes like that.