Cui Bono: Labor Fabians, Foreign Governments, or you?

Cubbie Station sell off, Gillard, Joyce, Swan, China

(AustraliaMatters) Busy week for the Gillard international socialist fabian society. It must be tough work increasing our debt, exporting our jobs, giving away our taxes, and literally selling country Australia to foreign governments. Aren’t you glad your family fought and died in wars to help keep Australia safe for foreign investors? Yeah, Gillard could have bought 93,000 hector Cubbie Station for $300 million and literally saved our largest farm. But ow no dear Aussie, that’s not the big picture! Goods from Cubbie Station will go straight to Asia cutting out the Aussie middleman. As Alan Jones puts it; “Paddock to plate”.

Audio: Joyce, Jones on Cubbie Station sell-off

Update: 03/09/12 Barnaby Joyce (via twitter): “Australian Syndicate pulled out of Cubbie joint bid with RuYi on national interest concerns. Concerns Swan did not have apparently”

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