Goldman’s PM Sock Puppet Turnbull finally admits Victoria’s African Gang Problem

(AustraliaMatters) 10 years+ later, the Australian PM admits Victoria has a problem with Sudanese (Africa) gangs. full MSM BS

Thing is Mal, just as long as they can bowl a cricket ball, the courts will go easy on their violent crimes.

They (the so called government’s security experts) must think we’re all complete tossers – you can’t tell me that they (immigration department etc.) didn’t physiologically profile that group before bringing them here and mixing them in with main stream Australians.

Nah, just bring ’em in, and chuck ’em into our laps. The “tolerate” Australian people will learn how to cope with third world thuggery. They’ll learn how to remain silent in the press, even when a large clash happened right outside the Herald Sun office a few years back.. They’ll down play it all, down at the station out of fear of being slammed the “R” word .. even though we’re not the ones smashing and slamming.

Third world status, that’s the long term objective after all – kicked off in 1975 when Australia (labour in power) voted at the Lima Peru UN meeting, to deindustrialise first world nations (we lose our jobs at Bonds, Holden, Ford etc.) and build up (then) third world shit holes such as, China and India.

The so called leaders that throw the hyenas in with the sloths, love the chaos – makes them feel needed  – gives them pretext to protect us all more … with more of their loving CCTV, biometric and body x-ray scanners everywhere … and other big brother wants such as … that national ID card (ideally they want an implantable chip or tattoo) Bob Hawke tried to pull over our eyes. (Now Pauline Hanson wants it)

Crime is big business for those that own stock in the privately owned and run jails. Empty jail cells, means no profits from the tax payers pockets. It’s masterful how they have it all intertwined together.


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