VIDEO: ISIS Murdering Civilians in Iraq


“Islam, the religion of peace”?

Yes, peace for those with the weapons — Hell for the rest of the world hog tied like animals before being shot in cold blood by hooded cowards.

We’re all hog tied, Aussie! It’s not just the slain in this video.

Our mouths are hog tied. We’re not supposed to talk about the big picture otherwise “racial discrimination” conditional speech law 18C gets us thrown into jail for scrutinizing a fricking religion, NOT a race!

Who tied us up, Aussie? Our own kind did!!! Our own kind, that bends a knee for 2 percent and pushes multi-religionism under the soft velvet glove they call “multi-culturalism”

Saddam was no saint, but compared to this, he was Mother Teressa. Former PM John Howard went along with the Iraq 2003 invasion that has caused all of this unrest in Iraq. Will Howard be held to account with Bush and Blair? Of course not. International bankster puppets in expensive business suits get away with war crimes.

Screw multi-religionism, screw multi-culturalism!

Bring back “melting pot” Australia!! If you don’t like it, frick off!!

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