"Copenhagen deal could cost us $400bn, says Abbott"

"Copenhagen deal could cost us $400bn, says Abbott"
"AUSTRALIANS could be hit with a tax bill of up to $400 billion under a draft deal leaked from the Copenhagen summit, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said. Under the draft, Australia would be asked to lower its emissions by 25 per cent within a decade. Rich countries would need to reduce their emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. Mr Abbott said such a plan would have a significant impact on Australia under the Rudd Government. "Just to get a five per cent reduction in emissions, Mr Rudd wants to whack a $120 billion tax on us," Mr Abbott said. "To get a 15 per cent or 25 per cent reduction in emissions on Mr Rudd’s logic, it’s going to be an even bigger tax – perhaps a $300 or $400 billion tax."So I think that the Australian people ought to be very concerned about anything that Mr Rudd might sign us up to in Copenhagen." read more

Mr. Abbott still hasn’t talked about CLIMATEGATE

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01 December, 2009 Abbott vs Rothschilds

Rothschilds vs Abbott

01 December, 2009 Abbott vs Rothschilds Today we learn Tony John Abbott won control of the Australian Liberal Party from former Goldman Sachs banker boy Malcolm Turnbull. What this means for Australia is time — Time to awake Australia to ClimateGate and the scam Al Gore and the Rothschild global carbon tax banksters are pushing. If all goes well and Abbott sticks to his policy of rejecting the ETS carbon tax crap and the sort "world government" to run it, then Abbott is crossing one of, if not the richest unaccountable unelected families on the planet. It’s not everyday we have an Australian leader like Abbott standing up against devilish dark "Lords" Evelyn (left) and David’s agenda of "US$150 billion by 2012". We hope Tony’s shower cap is bullet proof.