Supermarket Giants Aid Australian Sell-Off


(AustraliaMatters) Something dawned on us today after hearing Alan Jones grill PM Abbott about the latest 2014 Free Trade  Agreement (FTA) with China. The FTA allows Australian dairy farmers “tariff free” (aka tax free) access into China. Jones pointed out that many Australian dairy farms are being bought up by China.

Abbott’s as proud as punch promoting his great FTA works, when all that’s been done is the tax gate left wide open for Australian milk owned by Chinese communists to leave Australia TAX FREE and be used in China.

What a fricking scam!

The FTA isn’t just about dairy but we’ll stick with this example for now.

Why are so many of our dairy farmers selling up the farm? Obviously they can’t survive in the Australian market place as they are being paid stuff all by the large supermarkets.

  • Greedy supermarkets place our farmers over a barrel
  • Farmers quit and sell the farm
  • So called Australian government sits back and allows foreign ownership of Australia.
  • Communists with a relaxed one child policy in China need more milk to feed more babies.
  • Babies grow up to be either $2 hour workers competing against our last manufacturing industries that haven’t left the country yet — or they become military personnel in an ever growing army.

Milk is just the start! You see where this is going? You see the scam? You see the deception? You see the treason from within? You see the agenda against you, Aussie?

Jones to Abbott: “Can Tony Abbott go buy a farm in China? No!!!!”

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