First they came for the footballers, and I did not speak out, because I was not a footballer.

Footballer Israel Folau and his wife.

(AustraliaMatters) This non-sporty, agnostic blog writer tries to remain secular, but sometime all that Australian Judeo-Christian founding father based stuff needs revisiting.

Muslims praying at work.

Today we live in a country where *AT WORK*, Muslims can request prayer rooms and time off to pray.

Yet football player Israel Folau, while *NOT AT WORK* … quoted ‘laws’ out of the Jewish part of the Bible called the, Old Testament.

Fancy name for the ‘laws’ is the ’10 Commandments’ .. found in the Jewish part of the Bible called, Genesis.

The same ‘laws’ can be later found in round about ways in the ‘New Testament’. But what came first?

The same Old Testament stories are supposedly so valid and true, that those same stories were held high in 1948 when European Jews demanded the “promised land” back … many died in the process that not one Liberal or Labor Australian PM has ever spoken out about.

The same Old and New Testaments are supposedly valid in Australia, that courts still in 2019, will make us place our hands on and swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.

The same Old and News Testaments are supposedly so valid in Australia, that the various bodies of government will recite “The Lord’s Prayer” before each sitting. (lefties are working on having that removed). That prayer came out of the Bible.

The same Old and New Testaments are supposedly so valid in Australia 2019, in the Australian Constitution 1901, the words “God save the Queen” still exist. That God, is the same God, Israel Folau, in round about ways, quoted in his *NOT AT WORK* Instagram post.

NOT AT WORK post Israel Folau made on Instagram

Same book, same stories … talks about the quotes Israel Folau made on Instagram. Yet where is the outrage of the Jewish community; where is the outrage of the Muslim community too?

Why? Both believe everything in that *NOT AT WORK* Instagram post Israel Folau made … the God quotes that set the chain of events off.

Today Israel Folau, supposedly with $6million in assets, is asking for donations to fund his $3million legal fees to fight his work (football club) for sacking him over the Instagram post.

Folks donated $750,000 before the donation site GoFundMe pulled his campaign today.

Regardless of how the case will be funded, one thing is for sure … If Israel Folau losses, then so do Christians, Jews, Muslims  … that AWAY FROM WORK can be sacked for quoting their Bible, Torah’s, Quran’s beliefs and teachings on social media.

The loss sets a wide precedent not just on Christians.

Did Israel Folau have a work gag order preventing him from expressing his beliefs in the media? Alan Jones asked him that question this week, and Israel Folau said “no”.

First they came for the footballers, and I did not speak out, because I was not a footballer. Then they came for the wedding cake makers, and I did not speak out, because I was not a wedding cake maker … and on and on.


Aussie Talk Host’s “Weak Knees” on China

Democracy is a dirty word in communist China

(AustraliaMatters) 2GB Sydney based talk radio host Alan Jones, talks to Geoffrey Wade, from the Australian National University about handing Australian energy networks to foreigners.

During the interview Jones points out profits from our electricity use in Australia, are heading to a Canadian superannuation fund company. Doesn’t that make you feel good about privatization of Australian owned assets?

The interview highlight is nearer the end when “I’ve just gone weak at the knees” Jones finally concedes to Geoffrey Wade, that “like an octopus” China has a dark agenda, within regards to it’s purchasing of our Australian land, farms, homes, resources, utilities and (joint Aus-US military used) Darwin port.

You have your faults Mr Jones, but bravo for saying publicly what many of us “xenophobic”, “protectionists” have known for a long time.


Cui Bono: Labor Fabians, Foreign Governments, or you?

Cubbie Station sell off, Gillard, Joyce, Swan, China

(AustraliaMatters) Busy week for the Gillard international socialist fabian society. It must be tough work increasing our debt, exporting our jobs, giving away our taxes, and literally selling country Australia to foreign governments. Aren’t you glad your family fought and died in wars to help keep Australia safe for foreign investors? Yeah, Gillard could have bought 93,000 hector Cubbie Station for $300 million and literally saved our largest farm. But ow no dear Aussie, that’s not the big picture! Goods from Cubbie Station will go straight to Asia cutting out the Aussie middleman. As Alan Jones puts it; “Paddock to plate”.

Audio: Joyce, Jones on Cubbie Station sell-off

Update: 03/09/12 Barnaby Joyce (via twitter): “Australian Syndicate pulled out of Cubbie joint bid with RuYi on national interest concerns. Concerns Swan did not have apparently”

Alan Jones MUST SEE speech on Coal Seam Gas (CSG)

(AustraliaMatters) I’ve never been much of a Alan Jones fan over the years, but seeing him recently stand up against the Juliar Rothschild carbon tax rot (that will do zero for the planet considering China isn’t cutting back emissions and volcanoes still erupt) caught my ear.

He’s back again–this time he’s giving me goose bumps. I’ve read and watched much information regarding globalism, cancer causes and government corruption, but I’ve never heard anything as powerful as this from a well known Australian directed at the so called government.

In this must watch presentation at the National Press Club, Alan Jones speaks up about the use of possible cancer causing chemicals such as benzine being placed into the ground to extract coal seam gas. (CSG)

Of the 22+ chemicals used, only two are disclosed to the pubic. If the practise was safe then all chemicals would be disclosed. If I’m caught flushing anything strange down the drain, local council would be on my case wanting to know what it was and if I’m a terrorist. Yet multinational mining corporations are allowed to flush 20+ unknown chemicals down into the ground near our homes and national drinking water sources.

Jones goes on to point out the so called government and international mining companies have been committing “legalised robbery”. Yeap, yet if we owe the “not a legal entity” ATO 5 cents, look out tax payers, you’ll share a jail cell with fat bubba.

Did you know farmers that bought their land before 1910 ALSO own all the mineral rights under their properties?? Jones spills the beans on that!!

He goes on to say the Chinese in Australia supposedly use a term “paddock to plate”. Good Australian pastoral land being bought up by China “the paddock” is used to grow food for their “plates” back in China. 43 NSW farms bought recently for this purpose.

Jones tells of how former PM Kevin Fabian Rudd recently gave a CHOGM speech about Australia’s current and future food security, all the while leaving out how his own home electorate of Queensland has mutiny on the Bounty Premier Anna Bligh handing out mining exploration permits like candy in prime food producing areas called the “golden triangle”.

I’ll be putting the above Jones presentation onto home playable DVD’s to send out to people that aren’t able to see this online for what ever reason. $2 donation to cover AU postage and the disc is all I’ll ask for. If you’re interested please send an email with your mailing address to admin at for more details.

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Juliar Rothschild’s Carbon Tax Poison Pill

Professor Henry Ergas

(AustraliaMatters) Let’s assume Tony Abort gets in next selection and moves to rid the country of that bloody Gillard Rothschild carbon tax rubbish–Bird cage liner Gillard has installed something akin to a poison pill should a future government think of undoing what she achieved for her “advisors”. Alan Jones interviewed a bloke with more credentials than Moses about a sneaky ploy of the Juliar Rothschild government. saved this short clip of Alan Jones and Professor of Economics Henry Ergas speaking about the Gillard “poison pill”.

Gillards_poison_pill_carbon_tax.mp3 (1mb 8 minutes)