Muslim jailed 18 months for complaining about Australian Church loud speakers

18 months jail for upsetting Islamic free-loaders.

(AustraliaMatters) Yes, click-bait title, but can you imagine getting 18 months jail for complaining, in private, about loud Islamic Mosque’s speakers in Australia?

Would holidaying Aussie’s in Islamic Bali (Indonesia) get thrown into jailed if they were overheard saying the same?

Yes, that free-loading Indonesian country that’s taking another $582.6 million of our Aussie tax dollars between 2018-19 … has done just that to a Buddhist-Chinese woman only known as, ‘Meliana’. Read more ABC news

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Indonesian Hypocrites

(AustraliaMatters) Formerly accused and incarcerated drug smuggler, Rob McJannett, shows documented evidence (ANZ bank statements) to substantiate corruption within Indonesian government, Police, Judicial & Lawyers. This video reveals a small amount of this documentation also involving Australian government collusion with Indonesia.

While this was going on, the Bali 9 were facing deaths sentences for heroin they were caught trying to export from Indonesia.

Unless your a Muslim
Indonesian’s warning to drug pushers

Just before the Bali 9 faced the firing squad, we learn two Islamic Iranians were spared the death sentence while importing drugs into Islamic Indonesia.

So if you’re the right relgion, and or have enough money to pay for what’s on the “menu”, that big red warning sign posted all over Twitter needs not apply. Talk about hypocrites. #boycottindonesia


Your Subtle Australian Helping Hand: Indonesia, Papua, East Timor, Vietnam

Australian taxes: Better spent overseas rounding up woman and children?

(AustraliaMatters) Hello Australian tax payers. This week in the regular news, while Australia is cutting police jobs in Tasmania, you’re tax funding is being used to train foreign “peace keepers” in Vietnam.

We’re coming into our Australian bush fire season  and rural fire fighters are very important–but hey, screw you and your homes! Governments reducing their numbers.

Meanwhile, in Indonesian occupied Papua (not to be mistaken for PNG) fresh  “claims” of “death squads”. Guess who paid for their training? You the subtle Australian tax payer!

Brings back memories of subtle Australia and our 3 day warning before  Indonesia attacked East Timorese locals. What a blood bath that was.

Great value for tax payers money, that subtle Australian government.

Hold your tax paying heads up high, subtle Australians! It’s all about the minerals and energy resources in those areas. We’ll be rich! Well, someone is getting rich. Gotta love those Cayman Island banking services.

Oi oi oi!

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Australia suspends live cattle trade to Indonesia

(BBC) The Australian government has suspended the live export of cattle to 11 abattoirs in Indonesia, after a TV documentary showed brutal treatment of animals at the facilities. The footage, broadcast on ABC, showed cattle being flogged and taking minutes to die after their necks were slashed. Read more

We’ve never liked the Indonesian government. The so called Australian govermnet let them get away with slaughtering innocent East Timorese people, yet we sit back and OK an Australian girl being locked up over some grass that never killed anyone?