Ask Muslims questions, get deported. Beat police, get to stay.

(AustraliaMatters) The above Kenyan born ass hole, Yak Dut, 22, beat two Australian female police officers, and threatened to find and kill them after he gets out of jail.

He also bragged he’d not have to do jail time … because of his skin color. WTF?

Above Kiwi born, Logan Robertston, living in Brisbane as a Christian Pastor, turned up for a pre-arranged appointment to speak with an Imam (leader) at an Islamic mosque.

No one was hurt, no one threatened, no one used any ‘racist’ BS card. In preparation for an upcoming documentary he was making, he just wanted to know first hand, what Australian Muslims thought about their Prophet marrying a 6 year old child called Aisha.

One of the above was deported quicker than the paint drying on Peter Dutton’s toe nails. The other, just released from prison, is left to stay in Australia and live off the welfare system…

Guess which one got to stay in Australia? Read more


Caucasian children at the head of the class in Australia, OECD report finds

Anglo-Saxon Australian Children
Caucasian Children (1990’s Paul Hogan Show)

(ABC NEWS) Immigrant children from India, the Philippines and China are falling behind their Caucasian classmates by significant margins, according to a global education report.

OECD report ranks Australia seventh in the world for academic performance of Caucasian students.

NAPLAN results last year revealed that children who grew up speaking English were outperforming non-English speakers in spelling in some states. [continues … story link below] comment: The above would be deemed racist … all that “white privilege” BS the cultural marxist go on about … yet if it were about immigrant children being smarter than Caucasian children .. drum roll … then reverse racism (‘we can, but you can’t’) would be OK. Bad news Aussie … the above is fake news. I put the boot on the other foot. Click here for the real ABC story where English speaking Caucasian children are deemed the dummies.

nsw school full of asians
NSW primary school: When in Rome … and parents still love communist dictator Xi Jinping at home.

If I was “new world order” dictator Xi Jinping, I’d love my fellow communist peoples moving to western countries to buy up, and breed up. The smart Asian children then grow up amongst the (supposedly) dumber Caucasian children. Who do you suppose will be our future Australian leaders?

It’s like sport. Our coach is away praising up, pep talking the other team … that racist OECD report is talking about teams … claiming one team is BETTER than others … and if we on the losing team point that out, we get slammed with their cultural marxist “R” slur.

Three ways to “swamp Australia”

  • overt at the end of a gun barrel (quick but messy)
  • covert in the bedroom (children groomed from birth to be host nations leaders)
  • buy everything up while parroting; “at least we paid for it” (same stuff they proclaim is “stolen”)

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Hey “Asian Boss”, would ‘Aryan Boss’ be offensive?

(AustraliaMatters) Asian Boss? Gee, imagine the RRR (reverse racism retard) backlash if whites started a Youtube channel called, ‘Aryan Boss’.

Or the backlash if the Australian government allowed Aryan named shows, ‘Living White’ (SBS has “Living Black”).

How about a dedicated Aryan TV station called NATV? (National Aryan TV). Other folks have NITV (National Indigenous TV)

Anywho, I like checking out the oddly named “Asian Boss” Youtube channel from time to time. One of their recent video titles caught my round eyes …

“Do Koreans Find Slant-Eye Offensive?”

WTF? ‘S-E’ must be like the “N” word – only Asians and Africans can say them.

While listening, I also like paying attention to all the folks in the background of these videos. Looks like Anzac Parade in Sydney.

Geez, South Korea, where are all the round eye tourists and immigrants? Someone get Barbara Lerner Specter on the hotline. She knows how to flood a country with foreign immigrates.

In this modern day and age, where modern countries like South Korea are supposed to usher in foreign immigrants, to “enrich” (Australian government BS) and embrace multi-blah-blah’ism, they, like China … seem exempt … while the rest of us Anglo countries get slammed as “racists” if we don’t usher in every Tang, Daai and Hanuman.

I feel like a 1930’s wandering Jew looking for a State he can call his own. My DNA tells me to head back to England, but ‘the change’ (incremental genocide) is going on there as well.

2018 is a great time to be alive, just as long as you’re not an ‘Aryan Boss’.

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Australia, a Reverse Racism Practitioner?

Australia's racist double standard deportation laws.

(AustraliaMatters) First up, I’m no fan of either person in the opinions to follow; I believe both foreign born men should be deported.

So, I live in a fricked up country that deports white right wing Christians, (Pastor Logan Robertson) that with a prior Mosque appointment (later twisted into “trespass”) dared ask an Islamic leader about their 54yo paedophile guru. Thought crime 101, huh?

Yet the same country won’t jail or deport Sudanese foreign born violent criminal Akon Mawien, because .. are you ready for this .. drum roll .. because, he’s good at playing cricket.

Truth is, the courts and police will throw a white person out without blinking an eye lid, but if you’re black? Come on, Aussie.

If that’s not reverse racism, then what is?

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