TVNZ | Paying Interest on a Loan that Never Existed

(AustraliaMatters) Rather close to home – this aired on main stream New Zealand television. According to the RBA money museum, Australian money hasn’t been backed by gold since 1933. So whats the Aussie dollar backed by now? We’re supposedly a “goods based economy”. With our manufacturing around 8.5% and falling, we’re not manufacturing much wealth anymore thanks to the global workshop called China. I emailed the RBA a few years back asking how much the production cost of one specimen with “100” written on it cost to make. I was told “20 cents”. I wonder who pockets the remaining $99.80 without breaking a sweat. It’s all about historical usury and the descendants of those that have been ripping the goyim off for thousands of years. I’m no fan of Islam, but at least they frown on usury. The Vatican banned it there for a while as well. Ow well, off you go and grunt and groan for your 20 cent plastic rewards.

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