“Undertaker” Paul Keating’s Daughter Hung Out With Convicted Pedophile Jeffery Epstein

Former Australian PM Paul Keating’s daughter Katherine (left) is in the news this week.

Left: Jeffery Epstein’s Jewish girl friend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Katherine Keating (right) moved to America and … was associating with Maxwell and Epstein.

So what, she wasn’t a child at those meetings!

Supposed victim Virginia Roberts, (see below) spoke of how the older girls were used to “recruit” younger girls in a “pyramid like scheme”.

Older girls like Ms Roberts were asked to have babies and sell them to those like Maxwell and Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Ukraine born father, Robert Maxwell (not his real name) somehow, cough, ended up in the media industry, and somehow, cough cough, a UK politician.

Jewish Epstein’s ‘Temple’ in blue-white Israeli flag colors.

Robert Maxwell’s remains are buried at the ‘Mount of Olives’ cemetery in Israel. Epstein’s remains going to be buried there too?

Blonde girl (pictured) with Prince Andrew (with recruiter Maxwell) is Virginia Roberts, then 17.

Ghislaine Maxwell supposedly hooked-up ‘elite’ such as Prince Andrew (walking with convicted pedo Jeffery Epstein) with young girls.

So what? Katherine Keating was of legal age when spotted leaving pedophile Epstein’s NYC mansion!

Epstein was a convicted pedophile at the time she and Andrew were hanging out with him.

How many pedophiles do you hang out with and call, friend?

For many years, an Australian woman Fiona Barnett, (right, with daughter and husband) has been claiming she was a victim of the same global pedophile sex ring that moves children around the world.

Pedophile Jimmy Savile with adulterer Charlie

Those waste of money royals attract the worst scum. Check all the photos of notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile hanging out with the royals. DuckDuckGo images

Before the recent Epstein global ring exposure … AM thought Barnett and her claims were nuts!!!

To run such a global network, would take a certain type of people, high in the media and politics, with same secret oaths and agendas binding them. That un-kosher binding is coming undone.

Amongst the many ‘elite’ Barnett mentioned in her “Candy Girl” video, was Paul Keating, who she claims has the nickname … “The Undertaker”!

The reason why, if true, is very disturbing – while her videos are still available on Youtube where you can hear first hand for yourself what she claims … those details won’t be posted on this site just yet.

2018: Fiona Barnett making her video statement at the ITNJ. (International Tribunal for Natural Justice)

She’s named so many via the main stream media, yet not one … including Paul Keating, have sued her for defamation? When you hear all the other names, it seems bizarre that not one of the very many, has sued her.

Read more from the ITNJ

Drawing by Fiona Barnett

This isn’t even the tip of the ‘coven’ iceberg.

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