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August 02, 2008
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Gitmo Al Qaeda Movie Creator Previously Pushed Terror Propaganda

Evan Kohlmann behind Pentagon produced psyop being presented as evidence in Guantanamo trialEvan Kohlmann behind Pentagon produced psyop being presented as evidence in Guantanamo trial

Steve Watson
Friday, August 1, 2008

A Pentagon produced documentary on Al Qaeda which was presented as evidence at the first Guantanamo war crimes trial was created by a terrorism consultant who has previously attempted to pass off Pentagon released propaganda as directly released by Al Qaeda.

“The Al-Qaida Plan” was shown to an audience of military jurors hearing evidence against a former driver for Osama bin Laden earlier this week. The movie essentially props up the official government version of events on 9/11 and asserts that there was a coordinated “overarching conspiracy” by operatives of Osama Bin Laden to carry out the attacks.

One interesting facet of this, beyond the ludicrous notion that a Pentagon produced film could be classed as neutral evidence, was revealed in an associated press article:

The title of the al-Qaida video is a tribute to “The Nazi Plan,” a film the U.S. used to help convict German officers during the Nuremberg war crimes trials after World War II, said Evan Kohlmann, a consultant and terrorism expert hired to create the new video for use at the Guantanamo tribunals.

Evan Kohlmann has worked for the FBI as well as other governmental organizations and think tanks. He runs Globalterroralert, a New York-based consulting firm whose clients include government and private businesses. However, Infowars readers may remember him best as the consultant on NBC who attempted to pass off stage managed Pentagon released Al Qaeda footage as newly obtained and released by the terrorists themselves.

The footage in question showed Mohammed Atta and fellow alleged hijacker Ziad Jarrah laughing and joking. Clips of the two were crudely cut with an Osama Bin Laden rally.

We covered this back in October 2006 as part of our series on Al Qaeda Tapes in which we exposed direct links to military psyops and Donald Rumsfeld.

At the time we reported:

The NBC “US analysis” should be the focus of the latest tape… It is an astounding piece of psyop propaganda that attempts in a shoddy way to fill in the “gaps” in 9/11 intelligence. The analyst, Evan Coleman (sic), after admitting that the Pentagon has been “sitting on it” goes on to say:
“It is important for people to watch and realize that this video is conclusive proof that 9/11 was orchestrated by Al Qaeda at the most senior levels.”
He then makes a direct assault on the 9/11 truth movement by saying:
“This is the kind of video proof that is going to put a lot of 9/11 conspiracy theorists out in the cold and for good reason.”

Coleman contradicts himself throughout his own report by saying the Pentagon has had the video since 2001 whilst still towing the line that it was Al Qaeda that released the video.

We revealed that portions of the video Kohlmann was attempting to pass off as newly released Al Qaeda footage had been previously seen in a docudrama, The Road To Guantanamo, where it is shown to detainees at camp Delta as an intelligence surveillance tape.

Along with experts on Islamic terrorist groups who were baffled by the video and declared that it had come from a security agency, the very journalist who received the tape also announced that the source was not Al Qaeda.

This did not matter to Kohlmann who appeared on several news stations hyping the Pentagon released video, using it to bolster the government version of events on 9/11 and to attack anyone who questions it.

Now this man is creating Al Qaeda videos which are being used as evidence in the trials of so called terrorists.


related: Grandson of Jewish founder of ADL Adam Pearlman is Mossad (like the CIA in Israel) "Al Qaeda terrorist"